Fall 2018 Awards

The university has launched the Faculty Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity (RSCA) Assigned Time program to expand and enhance research, scholarly, and creative activity at San José State University. As noted in a September 4, 2018 memo to the faculty from Interim Provost Joan Ficke, in the first stage of a multi-year phase-in, all eligible tenure-track faculty in the 3rd to the 6th year of their probationary period and 15% of all associate and full professors will be awarded 3 WTU assigned time for RSCA in the forthcoming Spring 2019 semester. Assistant professors in the 1st or 2nd year will receive 3 WTU assigned time for RSCA in the Spring 2019 per the CBA contract. Awarded tenured faculty will continue to received 3 WTU assigned time for RSCA per semester through Spring 2023, given annual submission of RSCA outputs and a positive third year review of their RSCA agenda. Assistant professors will receive 3 WTU assigned time for RSCA per semester throughout the probationary period (also given annual submission of RSCA outputs), and then will be invited to apply for assigned time as tenured faculty.

Many thanks to members of the CoSS RSCA Advisory Committee, who worked hard to produce the “CoSS RSCA Productivity Showcase” that forms the basis for determining eligibility to participate in the program. Due to the speed of program deployment this semester we do not have time for additional extensive discussion of the role of the Showcase during the first year of the program, but the process and results of the first year implementation will be reviewed and adjusted as needed.

Please see the application process [pdf] and the award selection process for more specific information.

Twenty-five College of Social Sciences faculty members were selected for awards.