External Funding

General Questions

For preliminary questions about external funding opportunities, consult Gilles Muller at the Office of Research.

Federal/State Funding

For an overview of the funding process, see the lifecycle of a sponsored project. For complete information on federal/state funding, see the Finding Funding webpage in the Research Foundation website.

  • For opportunities on federal/state funding and resources, contact Brenda Swann, Information Services Manager.
  • For information on pre-award services (including help with budget), contact Ellen Orasa, Sponsored Programs Manager.
  • For post-award services, contact Luann Chu, Sponsored Programs Analyst.

Agencies That Have Funded CoSS Faculty

CoSS faculty have received funding from a variety of agencies over the past ten years. See State/Federal Funding by Department for a list of sponsors.

Use SPIN to Find State and Federal Funding Opportunities

Create a profile in SPIN to find funding opportunities. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to SPIN.
  2. Create a Profile. You will set a username at this time. (For convenience, you may want to use your SJSU login ID.)
  3. Once you create a profile, Brenda Swann from Research Foundation will approve the profile.
  4. You will receive an email prompt to set a password.
  5. Use the login and password to find funding opportunities using SPIN.

Receive Funding Alerts

Register with Research Foundation to receive emails about pertinent funding opportunities. You will receive funding alerts automatically based on your research keywords.

Private Funding

For complete information on private funding, see the Tower Foundation website.

Private agencies That Have Funded CoSS Faculty

CoSS faculty have received funding from a variety of foundations over the past ten years. See Private Funding for a list and description of sponsors.

CSU/SJSU Funding for Teaching

Course Redesign using Innovative Technology

The California State University provides funding opportunities for online course design. See Course Redesign for details and deadlines.

Academic Technology

eCampus is accepting educational technology equipment proposals. The proposed equipment must be used as part of course instruction. The proposed equipment must have direct interaction and contact with the students. The proposal cannot exceed a maximum budget of $7,500. The goal of the proposal should be to improve student success.

The purpose of this RFP is to encourage faculty from a variety of disciplines and at varying technological competencies to redevelop their courses that will integrate technology equipment in a meaningful way into the course activities.

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) Membership

Take advantage of individual member benefits, including a core curriculum of monthly webinars, a series of online multi-week courses, a discussion forum where faculty can exchange ideas and professional productivity strategies with peers at institutions from across the nation, and a weekly “Monday Motivator” newsletter. The Office of Research holds an institutional membership with NCFDD, enabling SJSU faculty to receive member benefits. For information on how to register, contact Deanna Fassett.