Faustina DuCros

Faustina duCros

Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences


What research questions currently preoccupy you?

I’m interested in how place informs the way identity is constructed, specifically in terms of internal migration.

What personal factors contributed to your study of internal migration?

I was always fascinated by my grandmother’s stories about leaving Louisiana as a young adult in the 1940s. In graduate school I became interested in exploring similar Great Migration experiences using oral history and a sociological lens.

What has been most challenging in your study of internal migration?

Many of the people I talked to were elderly, so it has been a challenge to hear about the passing of some of the research respondents. I’m honored to have been able to capture a bit of their lives through the research we completed.

How has your position in SJSU contributed to your research?

I’ve enjoyed working with an undergraduate research assistant and breaking down the steps of transcribing interview data. I have found that working with her really gives a new perspective to the process.

A hidden (research) talent:

I enjoy taking photos—I would love to incorporate photography in my research someday.

One book that changed your life (or research) & why:

Zerubavel’s Time Maps on collective memory was an important book for my research when I started to think seriously about the role of memory and place in my interview data. I love his straightforward but elegant style of writing.

A website/journal/newspaper (in your field?) you follow without fail:

Ethnic and Racial Studies is one of my favorite research journals.

Advice you’d give to newer faculty or students:

My advice to students interested in research or graduate school, especially transfer students: Start thinking early on about the professors you’ve had classes with and ask them if they could use assistance with any of their research projects. Check out internship opportunities or research programs that we have on campus, such as McNair Scholars.

RSCA Accomplishments:

  • Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Fellowship, 2017–2018
  • DuCros, Faustina M. 2017. “Creating Transregional Collective Nostalgia: The Organizing Role of Catholic Parishes among Louisiana Migrants in Great Migration–era Los Angeles.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 43(5):830–848. Available at: http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/tx2RRdkxx2nSjJsKPrKK/full
  • University Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award, Course release (.2 FTE) grant, Spring 2017