Staff Accomplishments

CoSS Staff Excellence Service Award

The Staff Excellence Service Award is presented to a College of Social Sciences staff member who exemplifies the highest traditions of service. It is given in recognition of a particular outstanding service accomplishment or a record of sustained and excellent service to students, faculty, and staff members, departments, the College of Social Sciences, SJSU, or the community.


Joel Morales

 Joel Morales, 2020

Gabriela Quintero.

Gabriela Quintero, 2019

Rose Hunter
Rose Hunter, 2018

Irma Garcia
Irma García, 2017

Maria Jimenez
María Jiménez, 2016

Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodríguez, 2015

Simrat Dhadli
Simrat Dhadli, 2014

Erlinda Yanez
Erlinda Yáñez, 2013

Edelmira Figueroa
Edelmira Figueroa, 2012

Liz Harding
Liz Harding, 2011

Diana Baker
Diana Baker, 2010

Patricia Loredo
Patricia Loredo, 2009

Alan Leventhal
Alan Leventhal, 2008

Vanetia Johnston
Vanetia Johnston, 2007