Strategic Plan

The School of Social Work is guided by a strategic plan, originally developed in 2010 and regularly re-assessed and revised. The most recent revision occurred during a faculty retreat in January 2019. Below are the School's current strategic directions:

  1. Effective shared governance and operations.
    • Ensure strategic, effective and efficient shared governence
    • Strengthen the continuous renewal of strategic operations

  2. Student success
    • Improve data-informed, results-driven administration of student supports for all our students, on campus and on-line.

  3. Align curriculum with vision, mission, values and accreditation and responsiveness to community needs/career opportunities.
    • Develop benchmarks, models, and bring forward recommended models.
    • Ensure options and opportunities for high-impact community-based collaboration, locally and internationally.
    • Comprehesively assess and improve Field Education.
    • Comprehesively assess and improve Online/Hybrid Program
    • Explore opportunities for advanced studies: dual degree and certificates for speciality fields of practice
    • Ensure options and opportunities for community-based collaboration, locally and internationally.

  4. Ensure the talent, finanical, and operational resources necessary to drive Mission, operationalize Values, address Strategic Directions, and achieve Goals 
    • Support stakeholder professional development
    • Support faculty professional development
    • Support student professional development
    • Support community professional development
    • Enhance alumni relations
    • Expand marketing, communications and public relations
    • Enhance revenue streams