MSW Admissions FAQ

How much does the On-Campus MSW program cost?

How much does the Online/Hybrid MSW program cost?

Attending graduate school and the Online/Hybrid Program involves more significant financial planning compared to the On-Campus Program. Fees for the Online/Hybrid program are currently $475 per unit ($28,500 total for 60-unit degree plan) but are expected to increase to $550 per unit soon ($33,000 total for 60-unit degree plan).

Do I need to take the GRE?

The MSW program does not require the GRE.

How do I know if my application was received?

Applicants should frequently check their SJSU admissions status on-line through MySJSU to confirm if your SJSU-level application has been processed or if materials are missing. The MSW Program will notify you of the status of your program application via our designated online system.

When will I hear whether I’ve been accepted?

The MSW Program Admissions Committee will notify applicants as soon as possible after the admission decision has occurred. The usual notifications are from February to as late as June 1.

If I’m accepted, can I defer enrollment to another year?

Admitted applicants cannot defer their admission to another year.

After I’m accepted, can I switch between the on-campus and on-line programs?

Students admitted to either the On-Campus or Online/Hybrid programs cannot switch between the programs; they must enroll in the program to which they were admitted.

Can I transfer credits earned elsewhere to SJSU?

Students who have taken CSWE accredited MSW-level courses at other universities (within the past 7 years) may request a transfer of a maximum of 12 units of credit.  The process for unit transfer can only occur after an applicant is accepted into the program, and final decisions are made at the university level, not the School level.