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Playing on one of the 38 highly competitive teams in the SJSU Club Sports Program offers you the chance to learn organization and leadership skills as well. As a student-led club team, you’ll receive guidance from the Club Sports Coordinator and staff, but manage your own fundraising and success. Teams represent SJSU at the inter-collegiate level not just locally, but across California and even nationally.

For more information regarding Club Sports, please follow the link:


 In order participate with a Club Team, you must first register using our online system. The link can also be found on the SJSU Club Sports home page by selecting "Inside Club Sports," then "Register," then "Prospect."

Below you will find the team officers' contact information for each club. Each officer is faced with balancing school, sport, and leadership positions; they will do their best to communicate with you. If you are unable to successfully reach these individuals, feel free to email Club Sports Coordinator Winston Adams at

List of Teams








Competitive Dance





Ice Hockey

Men's Lacrosse

Women's Lacrosse



Roller Hockey

Men's Rugby

Women's Rugby



Men's Soccer

Women's Soccer





Men's Volleyball

Women's Volleyball

Men's Waterpolo

Women's Waterpolo



Start a Club

Welcome! We are excited that you clicked this link as we are continuously searching for ways to give students a quality experience within our program. We have developed a Club Sports Developmental Program to help aid students in the process of starting a new team. 

The first step: Becoming an Official Student Organization.
To find out more details about this process, please visit the Student Involvement website. 

After you have completed this process, you are eligible to become a part of the Club Sports Program Team. If you need any assistance in this process, please contact and we will be happy to enroll you in our New Club Sports Developmental Program.

Program Manual

Each participant in the program must be aware of and abide by the Club Sports Program Manual.


Student organizations fulfill a very important role at San José State University. These groups provide a medium for students to enhance the lessons and theories learned in the classroom through real life experiences and responsibilities. The Club Sports Program complements the school's intercollegiate, intramural, and physical activity programs while offering the students opportunities to develop skills that will assist them beyond their years spent at San José State University.


The Club Sports teams are constantly coming up with creative ways to fundraise and cover the ever-rising cost of traveling and competing locally, regionally, and nationally. Any support is welcomed. If you would like to donate, sponsor, or assist teams in promotions, please contact Winton Adams at

Thank you for your continued support!