IM Sports Participant Manual

I. Assumption of Risk/Injuries

Injuries: Participation in Intramural Sports activities is completely voluntary. These activities involve risks of physical injury greater than those encountered in daily life, and by taking part in sports and other activities, participants acknowledge and assume risks inherent therein. Spartan Recreation and IM Sports do not carry accident or injury insurance to cover participants in sports activities. Therefore, all students are strongly urged to purchase health insurance before participating in any activity. Minor injuries that may occur at intramural contests may be able to be treated. Major injuries will be managed appropriately. IM Sports staff will provide assistance for injuries, but IM Sports staff will not make any medical diagnoses or determine the best course of action for any injured participant. Injuries and their resulting costs are the responsibility of the participant. Spartan Recreation strongly advises participants to take advantage of a University-sponsored insurance plan or a private insurance policy.

For more information regarding health and wellness (including the Student Wellness Center), please refer to this page:


II. Eligibility Policies

Each individual is responsible for the verification of her/his eligibility. Team captains must also accept the responsibility for the eligibility status of any participant representing their respective teams. Questions regarding participant eligibility should be brought to the attention of the IM Sports Coordinator.

ALL PARTICIPANTS must present a valid Tower ID Card before participating in any intramural sports event or activity. 

All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at San Jose State University are eligible to participate in intramural sports, except as provided by special eligibility rules.

Students on academic probation are permitted to compete in intramural activities. Only probationary cases which the Dean of Students Office feel are of a nature that warrant non-participation will be ineligible.

A. Recreation Fees
Most undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at San Jose State University pay the Student Union Fee every semester, which makes them eligible for participation in intramural sports. Some students do not automatically pay the Student Union Fee (some International Students, Gateway Students, Open University Students, etc.) and must pay an additional fee to participate in intramural sports.

  • An IM Sports/Open Recreation eligibility fee of $20 per person/per semester for students that do not pay the Student Union Fee allows participation in any IM Sports activity during each semester paid. This fee will NOT be prorated throughout the semester. This fee does not provide access to the Sport Club or other recreation facilities and is solely for the purpose of participation in IM Sports.
  • An individual can purchase a Spartan Recreation Membership which provides access to facilities and group fitness programming but not to intramural sports activities.

B. Player Restrictions

Club Sports Athletes
A Club Sport is any Registered Student Organization recognized by Student Involvement at SJSU.

Club Sport athletes are welcome to participate in intramural activities with the following stipulations:

  • A current player is defined as anyone practicing, competing, or traveling with the team at any point during the academic year. For example, if a senior finishes their club career with a team in the fall, that individual would be considered a current Club Sport player for the spring as well.
  • A limit of two current players on a Club Sport membership roster who practice, compete, or travel with the team at any point during the academic year may compete in an intramural activity on the same team that is related to their Club Sport.
  • A former Club Sport member who is not listed on the membership roster and is not practicing, competing, or traveling with the Club at any point during the academic year is eligible to participate in any intramural activity.
  • There are no restrictions for Club Sport participants to participate in any other sport not related to a club they are enrolled in.

Varsity Athletes
Varsity athletes are welcome to participate in intramural activities with the following stipulations:

  • Intercollegiate:  Any participant whose name appears on a team roster for any of these types of teams or organizations is ineligible to participate in the Intramural Program’s sport equivalent(s) for one academic year following the one in which he/she was a member of the team.  (Example:  If the player appeared on the SJSU Basketball roster in 2017–18, he/she will not be eligible to participate in any Intramural Basketball event for the year 2018–19.) This rule also applies to “Red Shirts.”
  • Any team that has a current Club Sport player or former varsity player in the related activity, must play in the highest competition level offered.

Semi-professional (receiving pay for playing), professional, and Olympic athletes:

  • An individual who has competed in a sport on a professional and/or Olympic level is not eligible to participate in intramural activities in his/her professional and/or Olympic sport or related sports.
  • An individual who has competed in a sport on a professional and/or Olympic level is eligible to participate in intramural activities not related to his/her professional and/or Olympic sport.

Corresponding/Related sports:
Varsity, Club, and professional/Olympic players have restrictions for sports they can participate in. Corresponding spots are as follows for Varsity and/or Club Sport members:

  1. Baseball/Softball: Wiffleball, Softball
  2. Basketball: Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball
  3. Football: Flag Football, 4-on-4 Flag Football
  4. Soccer: Soccer, Indoor Soccer
  5. Volleyball: Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball

Any other determinations by the IM Sports Coordinator will take into effect similar rules.

Any games that are found to have had ineligible players checked in will be forfeited by the offending team.

Intramural Sports and Spartan Recreation reserve the right to check on the eligibility of players at any time.

C. Ineligible Players

  • Any player not listed on the official team roster online at and/or on the scoresheet at the time of the contest (after 2-week sign up period ends).
  • Any player on the official team roster with incomplete information including full name, student ID number, and email.
  • Any player without his/her valid Tower ID card for an intramural activity/contest.
  • Any player who plays for more than one team in a specific league (men’s, women’s, co-ed) per sport shall be ineligible to participate in that sport for the remainder of the semester. If deception is involved, that player will lose eligibility in all intramural activities for a semester or duration of time deemed appropriate by Intramural Sports Staff.
  • Any player not currently paying Student Union Fees as a student at San Jose State University who has not purchased the IM Sports eligibility fee.
  • Any player who violates the eligibility rules related to Club Sport athletes, Varsity athletes and/or professional/Olympic athletes.
  • Any player subject to sanctions or suspensions from Spartan Recreation.
  • Any player on a team roster currently playing on another team in the same league.

Any team using an ineligible player shall cause the game or games in which that player participated to be counted as a loss, and the team will receive no higher than a "2" for sportsmanship for each game. Further sanctions and/or penalties may apply.

Any issues of ineligibility that arise that are not covered in Section II of these policies will be at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Coordinator and Spartan Recreation.


III. Intramural Structure

The major divisions of competition are men's, women's, co-ed, and open.

  • Only men shall participate in men's activities and only women in women's activities. Special consideration may be given if a men's or women's league is not offered in a particular activity.
  • Individuals of any gender can participate in co-ed and open activities.

Participants may play for only one team in either the women's or men's leagues and only one team in the co-ed league in any intramural activity. For example, a male in flag football could not play on a men's competitive and a men's fraternity team, but he could play on either a men's competitive or a fraternity team and a co-ed team.

When an activity makes a gender designation, individuals may participate in the activity based on their gender identity. If an individual's gender identity does not fit within the binary framework of man/woman or the person is in the process of transitioning to a different gender, participation in a particular gender-designated activity will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Any player, prior to playing in their first game, may be removed from the roster and then join another team to play. The player can drop from the team via IMLeagues prior to playing in a game.

Once a player has competed for a team in a game, they may not transfer to another team in that sport season. Special consideration may be given to individuals on teams dropped from competition. These individuals may be permitted to transfer to another team if approved by professional Intramural Sports Staff.

A. League Sports 
Most team sports are organized into divisions within each league by time and skill level. Playoff criteria may vary per sport and league. Playoff criteria will be reviewed in each sport’s captain's video as well as listed on each sports page (different sports may have a different playoff criteria). Each sports page can be found at

B. Tournament Sports 
Schedule formats and playoff criteria may not be finalized until after the registration period and may vary based on how many entries the event has.

C. Competition Levels and Playoff Seeding
In certain activities, teams may select their preferred level of play:

  • Competitive — the most competitive level of play; relatively skilled, experienced teams should select this level of play.
  • Recreational — more recreational, less competitive; teams with novice players are strongly encouraged to select this level of play.

Teams within each skill level will combine into one playoff bracket unless otherwise noted. Seeding for playoff brackets when combining competition levels will take place as follows:

  • Teams that play in a competitive league will get priority for seeding purposes and will serve as a tiebreaker. Example: If there are four 5-1 teams from the competitive division and one 5-1 team from recreational in a combined playoff bracket, the recreational league 5-1 team will automatically be seeded below the other competitive level 5-1 teams. Tiebreakers for seeds within the same division will be calculated as follows:
  1. W-L Record
  2. Head-to-Head record (when possible: determining seeds between two opponents who played each other)
  3. Sportsmanship Rating
  4. Point Differential
  5. Points allowed
  6. Coin Flip


IV. Team Entry

For all team sports, captains are responsible for managing their team rosters online through IMLeagues (a team name and password can be set for adding to any team—the captain sets these). This site is accessible through the Spartan Recreation website at or just directly at Captains are responsible for checking and informing all team members of the schedules. Other captain’s duties and responsibilities are detailed in the sections that follow. Players can also add to team rosters online with the team name and team password, after creating an account in IMLeagues. Teams can also change their settings on IMLeagues regarding if they are seeking players or not (in team settings). A good place to look is the free agent list if you want to add players.

Players may also add teams at the game sites through their first three games of the season. Rosters will lock after every team plays their third game of the season. Teams that wish to add players must have a Tower ID card and a valid email address to be added to any team. All participants in Intramural Sports MUST have an account with IMLeagues and be students, faculty, or staff in order to participate.

IMLeagues:  All participants must have an IMLeagues account. In order to register for an IMLeagues account, follow these instructions:

1.)   Go to

2.)   Enter your information, and use your school email if applicable ( and submit.

3.)   You will be sent an activation email. Click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.

In order to sign up for an Intramural Sport:

1.)   Log into your account.

2.)   Click the create/join team button at the top right of your user homepage OR click on the “San Jose State University” link to go to your school’s homepage on IMLeagues.

3.)   Click on the sport you wish to join.

4.)   Choose the league you wish to play in (Men’s, Women’s, Co-Ed, etc.)

5.)   Choose the division you’d like to play in (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)

IMLeagues is designed to be user-friendly for participants. On the website, you will be able to add/remove participants, find free agents looking for teams, search the IM Sports and register teams, and check out the standings for teams in your division. This will be the primary place you look to find your game schedules as well. Schedules are subject to change due to time and facility constraints, and if schedules change, you will be notified by the IM Sports Office in advance. If you have any questions regarding IMLeagues and registration, feel free to contact the Intramural Sports Coordinator or stop by the office at any time!

All activity registrations will be open for at least two weeks, but you are encouraged to organize and add players to your team prior to registration by signing up on that league or tournament's waitlist. Team creation will be open the first day of the semester for all activities.

How to complete registration:

  1. Find the sport that you want to participate in. In addition to signing up, some sports have an entry fee and a captain’s quiz to complete.
  2. Add the players to your roster as appropriate—see below for more details.
  3. Some leagues have a mandatory captains' meeting which is listed at the top of the sport page. A representative of your team MUST attend (does not have to be the team captain if they are unavailable).
  4. Once registered, the team will be scheduled according to what you signed up for. Teams are also able to select time preferences for when their team can play. Any other requests can be sent to the IM Coordinator who will do what they can to accommodate time preference requests.
  5. More information on how to complete time preferences are included here

B. Adding Players to the team

Captains can invite members to their team by clicking the “Invite Members” link on the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to join your team.

  • If they already have accounts on IMLeagues, search for their name and invite them.
  • If they haven’t yet registered on IMLeagues, scroll down to the “Invite by Email Address” box and input their email address.
  • Intramural Sports permits additions be made to rosters through the first three games of a sport season. This is our “roster adjustment period” for teams to figure out their rosters for late in the season and playoffs.
    • All participants are encouraged to sign up on IMLeagues, but in the case of a last minute pickup, teams are permitted to sign up players at the field or court during the first three weeks of the season.
    • Once the three-week roster adjustment period ends, players cannot be added to the roster through IMLeagues (by the captain) or on site. An email will have to be sent to the IM Sports Coordinator for any roster issues. Players may be added after the three-week sign up period for the following reasons:
      • Team has an injury which causes a player to not continue playing. Teams can add a participant to the roster to replace the injured player.
      • If the team roster is not full, they can add a player to the roster as long as that player has not participated on another team in the same sport/league.
      • Rosters are LOCKED completely at 12:00pm (NOON) the day of your first scheduled playoff game.
    • In playoffs, if a player is not on the scoresheet (and hasn't been left off due to a staff error), then they will not be permitted to play.
    • Special rules for one-day activities and/or activities that transition from pool play to a playoff format may apply.

C. Joining a Team

There are various methods for joining a team:

  • Scroll over Register and click on Join Team at the top right of the page.
  • Accept a request from the captain to join his/her team.
  • Find the team and captain's name on the division/league page and request to join.
  • Go to the captain’s "Player Card" page; view his/her team and request to join.

D. Free Agents ("I want to participate, but I don’t have a team.")

You can list yourself as a free agent in as many days and times within a league as you’d like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or you can post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team. If you join a team, any payment to the team captain for the team fee is at the discretion of the team captains only.

If a free agent team is created based on having a large enough number of free agents, players will have to pay a $5 team fee per person to join that team for the season. This is payable through IMLeagues. We will contact all free agents when attempting to create this team to double-check that players have not yet joined a team and that each free agent available is still interested in playing in the sport.

We will also make an announcement at the captain’s meeting for free agents so attending the captain’s meeting as a free agent can be beneficial in trying to find a team.


V. Team Management

A. Captain's/Player's Meetings
For all Intramural Sports, each captain will receive information and have to complete either an online quiz or attend the mandatory captains' meeting. Some activities will require a mandatory playoff meeting. A team member may attend in the place of a team captain, but it is important that a representative from each team is at the meeting to receive pertinent information about the sport rules, format, playoffs, etc.

B. Captain's Responsibilities

The Intramural Sports Staff works closely with team captains to promote a successful intramural program. It is not feasible or practical to meet with the thousands of players participating in Intramural Sports. Captains are ultimately responsible for the individual players and spectator(s) and/or team behavior exhibited. We strongly recommend designating two individuals to serve as co-captains.

A successful captain's duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Creating a team at and an appropriate team name, adding the minimum number of players prior to registration, and registering the team for a day and time they are available and committed to play.
    • Note: Teams that create inappropriate team names will have their team name changed and lose the ability to name their team.
  • Providing contact information (cell phone number, email address).
  • Ensuring the team is represented at the mandatory captains' meeting.
  • Reading, understanding, and adhering to Intramural policies and procedures, including the Intramural Participant's Manual and specific sport rules, and sharing this information with teammates.
  • Directing teammates to the Spartan Recreation website or the sport's IMLeagues page for sport-specific rules and other critical information.
  • Distributing the game schedule.

League Games/Playoffs

  • Responsible for having your team show up, sign in and be ready to play prior to the ten minute grace period following an originally scheduled game-time.
  • Modeling exemplary sportsmanship and civility and promoting sportsmanship and civility among teammates, opponents and intramural staff.
  • Representing one's team for pre-game meetings, scoresheet sign-up, game issues, postponements and protests.
  • Ensuring only eligible players participate and making every effort to prevent forfeits.
  • Checking your IMLeagues schedule at least once a week and in the case of a postponement, retrieving new game information for rescheduled games and informing teammates.
  • Designate a representative on the team to fill in and take on these responsibilities if not present.
  • Being a liaison between teammates, officials, and Sport Supervisors.

C. Protests

Only protests regarding rule interpretation and player eligibility will be accepted.  No protests concerning judgment will be considered.

  1. Rule Interpretation/Misapplication: Protests involving a misinterpretation or misapplication of a rule must be lodged by the team captain at the time of the incident. The captain must request the game be stopped to obtain a ruling from the Intramural Supervisor. Failure to obtain an immediate ruling from the Intramural Supervisor will void any future right to protest that incident. Should the captain still feel the ruling is incorrect, he/she must then lodge a written (or email) protest to the Intramural Sports Coordinator at the Sport Club, Room 1014 by 12:00PM the next business day following the contest in question. The protest will then be considered and ruled upon. Any rule interpretation or misapplication received after that time will not be considered.
  2. Player Eligibility: Protests involving the eligibility of a player(s) in a contest must be lodged by the opposing team captain with the Intramural Coordinator no later than 12:00PM the next business day after the contest in question. An eligibility check will then be performed by the Intramural Coordinator and the protest will be ruled upon. Any player protest received after that time will not be considered.
  3. All player eligibility protests during the PLAYOFFS must occur ON SITE before the game begins.
  4. All rulings on protests are considered final after being reviewed by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.

An example of a rule misapplication is penalizing a team 5 yards when it should be 10 yards. An example of a judgment call (and one that CANNOT be protested) is an official saying a player is out of bounds when a team thinks they were in bounds.

Due to severe time constraints, written appeals regarding playoff games must be submitted to the Spartan Recreation Office immediately after the conclusion of an activity.

D. Schedule Changes
For schedule changes due to circumstances such as inclement weather, university closings, or unforeseen circumstances, the team captain(s) is/are responsible for obtaining reschedule information from the Spartan Recreation office or

E. Postponements and Online Schedules
Online Schedules
Game schedules will be available online at least two days prior to an event starting. You should have a general expectation of when you will play your games based on when you signed up online. If there are issues with scheduling, you will be contacted prior to final schedules being published. The intramural office will do the best they can to accommodate all teams, but there are occasions where scheduling and facility constraints make it difficult. Please be as open as possible in terms of playing times and dates.

It is crucial to check the location of your game. There are multiple indoor facilities on campus that we play contests in.

Weather and Game Postponements
If weather or field issues cause games to be postponed, games will be made up if possible. If it is not possible for games to be made up (due to time or facility constraints), both teams will receive a win and a sportsmanship rating of 4.0. All teams that have postponed games that are not made up will also automatically qualify for the playoffs regardless of their W/L record, unless their sportsmanship rating is below 2.75.

If the weather is questionable for a game day, plan on all games being played until you are notified from the IM Staff by email or through IMLeagues of games being canceled for the day. For the most up-to-date information, call no more than 2 hours prior to your scheduled contest.

F. Forfeits and Defaults

Scheduled game time is start time. Teams will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes after the scheduled start time to get the minimum amount of players to the game to play. The Intramural Supervisor will determine the official time during all events. Teams must be checked in and ready to play—meaning on the playing field/court, with proper equipment and uniforms, with at least the minimum player requirement to start.

Any team that forfeits one of its scheduled games in league play will have to pay a forfeit fee in order to become eligible for the playoffs. This fee is $15 in order to become eligible for the playoffs. If your team does not make the playoffs, you will be reimbursed this fee. Fees must be paid in person at the Spartan Recreation Office before the end of the regular season or online through IMLeagues. Captains will be listed as “suspended” on IMLeagues until the appropriate fees are paid.

Teams that forfeit two games during the regular season will automatically be dropped from league play. There is no option for reinstatement and no refund on the $15 charge if a team had previously paid it to become eligible for the playoffs or a refund on team fees originally paid. Teams or individuals that forfeit a contest during a tournament event are automatically dropped from the event without possibility of reinstatement.


Teams may avoid a forfeit by notifying the Intramural Staff at the Spartan Recreation Office in the Sport Club that they will not be able to make their game on a scheduled day. Teams that choose to default a game must inform the IM Sports Office before 2:00pm the day of their game. If they play a game on Sunday, they must inform the IM Sports Office before 4:00pm on Friday.

A default will allow the team to remain in the league/event and does not require payment of the forfeit fee for playoff qualification. If a team wins by default during the regular season, that team will get credit for winning by the same scores as are awarded for winning by forfeit. A team that defaults or forfeits (in any combination) twice in the same league season will be dropped from the schedule for the remainder of the season.

G. Sport Rules
Intramural rules are adopted from a national governing body, such as Amateur Softball Association (ASA), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Federation of High School (NFHS), and the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA). Intramural Sports Staff have also developed rules to enhance the overall experience and the safety of the participants.

All intramural participants agree to abide by all rules and regulations. Spartan Recreation reserves the right to institute any rule changes and/or modifications. Rules for individual intramural sports are available on the Intramural Sports website and are linked on the sport's IMLeagues page.


VI. Game Management

A. Sport Supervisors and Officials
With the exception of one full-time professional staff member, intramural supervisors and officials are San Jose State University students. Intramural supervisors and officials are on site to assist participants with questions, supervise games and the conduct of players and spectators, and oversee a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Sport Supervisors have full responsibility for the administration of all games/contests, including pre-game and post-game, and matters not specifically covered in the Intramural Participant's Guide or sport rules. Any questions about policies, procedures and game administration should be brought to the sport supervisors.

Intramural Officials have full responsibility for the enforcement of the rules specific to each game/contest, including pre-game and post-game, and matters not specifically covered in the sport rules.

B. Tower ID Card Requirement (EVERY GAME!) 
Each intramural participant must present his/her Tower ID Card before each and every intramural activity. Participants will not be permitted to play without their Tower Card.

Players may also check in with a state-issued ID as long as they are on the current roster from IMLeagues. If a player is trying to sign up on site, players must have a valid Tower ID Card with their name and Tower ID number clearly printed and visible to our staff.

If a participant checks in with an ID that is not currently active or is not eligible to play IM Sports, the team they are checking in for will automatically forfeit their game when discovered. Captains and each participant are responsible for their eligibility.

C. Athletic Attire
Intramural Sports Staff shall not permit any player to wear any item that is deemed unsafe or dangerous to participants. Proper athletic attire must be worn at all times during all intramural activities. Proper attire pertains to all articles of clothing, including upper and lower body clothing and footwear. Participants must wear a shirt and wear athletic footwear (no bare feet) at all times during competition. Prohibited footwear includes metal cleats, boots, sandals/flip-flops, or any form of open-toed shoes. Players must wear some sort of athletic shorts or pants, but will not be permitted to only wear compression shorts or boxers.

Due to health concerns regarding the use of shared equipment and overuse of shared jerseys and in an attempt to minimize their use, Intramural Sports has put in place a way to select a team color through IMLeagues:
Teams will have the opportunity to choose a jersey color when registering their team. White, gray, and other colors that could be perceived as white or gray will not be permitted. The team is required to have all players wear the same shade of color to every game. All teams should bring an alternate white jersey to each game if possible. Prior to game time the intramural officials, in conjunction with the intramural sport supervisors, will determine if a conflict exists regarding jersey colors. The team in violation of the policy will be asked to wear their alternate white jerseys. If they do not have alternate white jerseys, teams will be asked to wear the pinnies provided by IM Sports. Many players prefer wearing their own shirts, so wearing your team color is one way to prevent having to wear the pinnies provided by IM Sports.
Intramural Sports recognizes there are cases in which t-shirt colors will not match exactly. We strive to ensure that participants are able to play while maintaining the integrity of the game. The intramural sport supervisor has the discretion to allow a participant to play when the t-shirt shade does not exactly match his/her teammates' shirts.

Jewelry may not be worn by any individual participating in any intramural activity. This includes, but is not limited to, earrings, necklaces, piercings, watches, bracelets (cloth and Livestrong bracelets included), hair barrettes, and any other forms of jewelry. 

Hats may be worn during IM play, with the following exceptions:

  • Hats must not include a hard brim or bill. Baseball caps are not allowed during play.
  • Hats must not include any exposed knot or metal surface. 
  • Any other hat that may be deemed as an injury risk or unsafe for playing will be assessed by the sport supervisors and may be permitted.

Medical Alert Jewelry
Medical alert bracelets and necklaces are permitted, but must be taped to the body. Medical alert jewelry is permissible because that safety concern supersedes the safety concern of the policy above.

Religious Jewelry or Headwear
Should an individual wish to wear jewelry or prohibited headwear during intramural activities that their religion mandates, a meeting must be scheduled with Intramural Sports professional staff prior to the date of the scheduled contest to ensure safety concerns can be met.

D. Equipment
Intramural rules regarding equipment are adopted from a national governing body, such as the ASA, NCAA, NFHS and NIRSA. Spartan Recreation reserves the right to put into immediate effect any rules or regulations to protect the health and safety of participants involved in intramural activities.

Intramural Sports will supply some equipment for intramural activities but will not provide some personal items (softball gloves, knee pads, gloves, etc.). Intramural Sports will provide game balls if necessary, but participants are encouraged to bring their own. Warm-up balls will not be provided. In certain activities, the use of a game ball provided by Intramural Sports may be required.

Intramural Sports Staff, including officials and supervisors, will not permit any player to use equipment that is deemed unsafe or dangerous to participants.

E. Sportsmanship

Team Behavior
Every team and team captain is responsible for the conduct of its players and spectators. Any conduct judged by an intramural supervisor, official or professional staff member to be detrimental to the participants, program, or any particular intramural activity may result in removal from a contest and/or further disciplinary action by Spartan Recreation.

Student Union, Inc. Commitment
Student Union, Inc. offers quality services and programs that promote social, recreational, cultural and educational development.  As such, unsportsmanlike conduct and behaviors from participants will NOT be tolerated in any form. Harassment of any nature including but not limited to, age, religion, sexual orientation, and racial slurs will automatically garner a suspension of at least one semester from Intramural Sports participation.

Verbal abuse, harassment, threats, and violence directed towards any participants or intramural staff will not be tolerated. All participants are expected to behave civilly and respectfully in an effort to maximize the student experience in our programming.

Sportsmanship Expectations
All participants are expected to maintain a high level of sportsmanship throughout their contests. We know the games are important to the participants, but they should not override the expectation of appropriate behavior. The playing site is not a venue where physical or verbal abuse for players or spectators is tolerated. In order to encourage and maintain appropriate behavior before, during, and after the contest, officials, supervisors and administrative personnel will make decisions about whether to warn, penalize or eject players, teams, and/or fans for unsportsmanlike behavior.

To ensure these expectations are upheld, officials and IM staff reserve the right to eject and/or remove a participant from a contest and/or playing area at their own discretion.

The Spartan Recreation program prohibits fighting during all Intramural events. Any participant or spectator who strikes or attempts to strike an official, supervisor, participant, or spectator, or joins a fight in progress will be subject to suspension from the IM Sports Program for up to one year, or a time determined appropriate by the Intramural Coordinator. This person may also be subject to disciplinary actions as stated in the San José State University Student Code of Conduct, and referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs. Charges may also be brought against participants who physically assault officials or staff.

Intramural officials, supervisors, and staff reserve the right to eject any individual, team, or spectator who involve themselves in a physical altercation or who consistently exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior or other actions not appropriate for the campus recreational activity environment. Any ejected player (or spectator) must leave the facility immediately, and will be suspended a minimum of one week or contest. Repeat offenders of this rule are subject to suspension from the Intramural Sports Program altogether for a period of time determined appropriate by the Intramural Coordinator.

Any player ejected from an Intramural Sports contest must contact the Intramural Sports Coordinator (Matt Lee) at or 408.924.6218. They will be suspended via IMLeagues and appear ineligible for any future contests until they meet with the IM Coordinator.

    1. Failure to do so may result in suspension from Intramural Sports activities and access to Sport Club facilities.
    2. Any player receiving two (2) ejections in a single academic year may be ineligible to participate in any Intramural Sport for the remainder of the semester and the following semester. Final decisions regarding player eligibility are determined by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.
    3. Punishment for ejections or unsportsmanlike behavior is considered final after meeting with the IM Sports Coordinator.

Any participant who is ejected from the league playoffs or tournament brackets will be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs or tournament. If a participant is playing in both co-ed and another league, they are suspended from BOTH teams for the remainder of the playoffs.

Sportsmanship Ratings
Good sportsmanship is important and plays a factor into potential playoff qualification and the ability to continue playing games. Fair play is always encouraged. For specific unsportsmanlike behavior, officials and supervisors have the ability to penalize offending teams, which in turn affects the offending team’s sportsmanship rating. This rating can determine playoff eligibility and further sanctions if teams do not behave and cooperate in a reasonable manner. Below is a guideline for how supervisors and officials will rank teams for sportsmanship following contests:

Rating Description/Reason for Rating

• Good sportsmanship shown throughout the contest
• No cards or unsportsmanlike fouls


• Unsportsmanlike conduct — only minor infraction
• One technical foul, yellow card, or unsportsmanlike penalty is issued, but that is the only problem during the contest
• Some questioning of officials' calls


• Consistently questioning officials' calls
• Use of profane language directed toward officials or other team
• Two or more technical fouls, yellow cards, or unsportsmanlike penalties issued on different players
• Spectator harassment of officials
• Team loses game by forefeit


• One player ejected from any team for unsportsmanlike action
• One player ejected along with one other issue of unsportsmanlike conduct (yellow card, technical foul, etc.)
• Two or more technical fouls, yellow cards, or unsportsmanlike penalties issued on the same player (automatic ejection)


• Player threatens an official or supervisor
• Contest is terminated due to two ejections in the same game
• Contest is terminated due to officials' or supervisor's decision

Failure to maintain a seasonal average of 2.75 will disqualify teams from playoff eligibility. The average of the sportsmanship ratings from all games played will determine this. If any games are not played as scheduled, this will not factor into the sportsmanship rating.

If a team receives a sportsmanship rating of 0, the captain(s) must meet with the Intramural Coordinator prior to their next scheduled contest in order to remain in the league. Team captains are responsible for monitoring their team’s sportsmanship ratings and average. If captains have issues with their sportsmanship rating for a contest, please contact the IM Sports staff and they will look into making sure there were no issues recording the score.

  • Teams winning by forfeit without playing will automatically receive a rating of 4.
  • Teams winning by forfeit after playing some or all of a contest will receive their given rating issued for that contest.
  • Teams losing by forfeit will receive a rating of 2, unless their forfeit comes as a result of two or more ejected participants or unacceptable sportsmanship.
  • Teams winning by default will automatically receive a rating of 4.
  • Teams losing by default will receive a rating of 3.

If a team in the playoffs receives a sportsmanship rating of a 0 or 1, they may be ineligible to continue in the playoffs. These teams must meet with the Intramural Coordinator to discuss their playoff eligibility going forward.


VII. Tobacco, Alcohol and Illegal Substances

All Intramural event areas are alcohol and drug-free. Captains are urged to notify all players and spectators that alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited at all IM Sports events, and no one is allowed to participate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If alcohol is present, the contest will not be played and will be considered a forfeit. This policy includes spectators. The Intramural staff, supervisors, and officials have the authority to restrict participants and spectators who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs from remaining at Intramural events.


VIII. Awards and Championship T-Shirt Distribution

Winners of Intramural events will receive Intramural Champion t-shirts. Maximum t-shirt distribution per team is as follows:

3-on-3 Basketball = 7

Wiffleball = 12

5-on-5 Basketball = 14

Ultimate = 14

7 on 7 Flag Football = 16

Dodgeball = 12

5-on-5 Soccer = 12

4-on-4 Volleyball = 8

7-on-7 Soccer = 16

6-on-6 Volleyball = 14

Softball = 18

Floor Hockey = 14

Only players that have checked in for a game will be awarded a t-shirt. Players must be present to receive their own shirt, or may come into the Spartan Recreation Office to get their shirt.