Free Agents

No Team?  Still Want to play IM Sports?  Sign up as a Free Agent!

Individuals who do not have either a full team or do not know of any teams to join for a sport are considered a "free agent".  There are multiple ways we try to get students on a team to participate during a sports season.  As much as we want to get everybody playing the sport, there will be times when a connection just doesn't work out.  Check out our suggested ways to get involved below.

NOTE: Because each team registers through the IMLeagues website and pays a fee to participate, IM Sports does not force any team to accept a free agent.   

If you have any questions or problems with these procedures, please feel free to contact us

How To Register as a Free Agent on IMLeagues

In order to register on IMLeagues, you will need to have an account.  SJSU Students can log in to IMLeagues with their SJSUone credentials (Tower ID and password).  By registering online as a free agent, you will be able to market yourself to the teams that are interested in picking up players.  Each sport season generally brings about teams that are looking for more players, and many teams that are looking for players will announce that through IMLeagues as well.  Next to the team that is registered and listed online, teams can turn on an option that says they are seeking free agents.  By registering on the Free Agent list through IMLeagues, you will be considered as a "participant" in the sport which will allow you to be able to contact the Team Captains who are looking for additional players.  You are even able to put in a brief description about yourself as a player and your credentials.

  1. Go to and log in with your SJSUone credentials.  For more information on registering for IMLeagues, please visit the IMLeagues registration page.
  2. Once you have logged into IMLeagues, all the current sports registering are listed on the page below.  If you know which sport you want to play, click on that sport and the league that you are interested in playing in (Ex. 5-on-5 Basketball: Co-Ed League).  
  3. You will hit the registration page which gives you the option to "create team" or "join as free agent".  
  4. Click "Join As Free Agent."
  5. Add specific information about yourself (what do YOU bring to the team?) and your phone number if you want to be available by phone to potential captains. You are now a "participant" in that league.
  6. If you are interested in trying to play multiple leagues, you will have to register as a free agent in each league (ex: 5-on-5 Basketball co-ed league and men's league, you have to register as a free agent in both leagues separately).  
  7. You will be asked to fill out the participant waiver digitally as well as provide some information about you so prospective team captains will be able to contact you easier to play.

If there are enough free agents and team spaces available, we will try to form a team made exclusively out of free agents.

NOTE:  This does not guarantee that you will be placed on a team. While we try everything possible to either create a Free Agent team or set you up with a team needing players, sometimes it isn't possible. Anyone interested in playing should do their best to either join or form a team on their own.