About Us



Mission Statement

Spartan Summer Institute (SSI) is an academically intensive transition program that introduces a diverse community of frosh to the structure and rigor of the university environment, provide opportunities to foster meaningful academic and social connections, and emboldens them to take ownership of their academic journey.



Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program and cohort, students will be able to:

  1. Navigate the academic rigor and demands of SJSU while leveraging the university's resources and connections to enhance their academic journey.
  2. Attend to their intellectual, psychological, and physical well-being by applying skills learned, such as time management, stress management, career and major exploration, and learning styles.
  3. Demonstrate increased competence in English and/or math through their completion of SJSU’s remedial competency requirements within the one year time limit.
  4. Master a growth mindset and learning strategies required for lifelong success.