IPDV: Healthy Relationship Quiz

Spartans for Safety - Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence

Healthy Relationship Quiz

  • Take interest in one another?s activities
  • Feel secure and comfortable
  • Are able to respect and maintain each other?s individuality
  • Are honest and trust in each other
  • Take care of yourself and have good self esteem independent of your relationship
  • Maintain relationships with friends and family
  • Have the option of privacy
  • Resolve conflicts fairly
  • Allow and encourage other relationships
  • Share responsibility
  • Have respect for sexual boundaries
  • Making decisions together, each partner compromising when necessary
  • Are able to express yourselves to one another without fear of consequences
  • Do not worry about violence in the relationship
  • Are honest about sexual activity if it is a sexual relationship
  • Resolving conflicts through open and honest communication
  • Have activities apart from one another
  • Allow and encourage other relationships
  • Having more good times in the relationship than bad