Mental Health: Overview

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Mental Health Overview

It's important for all students to be proactive about their mental health by making smart lifestyle choices, developing good coping skills, and practicing stress management. But for students dealing with mental health concerns like depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety disorders, college can be an especially challenging – and even dangerous – time.

Mental health disorders are medical conditions that can dramatically impact a person's thoughts, feelings, judgment and ability to function. These conditions can affect people of any age, but often first appear between the ages of 18 and 24. If unaddressed, these conditions can lead to distress, dangerous behaviors like substance abuse, and thoughts of suicide.

The good news is that mental health problems are treatable, and by addressing these concerns with a professional (e.g., a psychologist, therapist, or medical doctor) students dealing with these problems can be successful throughout their college years and beyond.

Source: The JED Foundation 


SJSU Counseling Services

We take cars to certified mechanics we trust for maintenance and repair, because we know that professionals with the skills, knowledge, and tools can best help our cars. The professional counselors at the Counseling Services are well-trained licensed or license-eligible mental health professionals here to help you to take care of, improve, and optimize your mental health. There is no problem too big or too small, because we know you are unique and we are not cookie cutters. You will be respected for who you are, be understood, and learn skills and resources that will help you recognize your strengths and to be who you want to be. Some of the issues students discussed with mental health counselors are: Worries, anxiety, feeling blue, relationship issues, past significant events, discriminations, etc. Please come to use this free, confidential, and professional service.

Visit Counseling Services in Administration Building Room 201, or call 408-924-5910.