Spartans for Safety - Stalking

Stalking is a series of acts by another person that harasses you (for example repeated phone calls or repeated incidents of following you) and makes you fear for your safety. In California, it is a crime. Cyber stalking is a relatively newer form of harassment. This includes excessive emails or other electronic communications conveying threats.

  • In Los Angeles County, it is estimated that approximately 20% of roughly 600 cases of stalking involved cyber stalking.
  • Approximately 30% of college women report being victims of stalking
  • 81% of women who are stalked by a current or former boyfriend or husband were also physically assaulted by that partner
  • The average stalking case lasts 1.8 years

It is very important that you DO NOT make arrangements to meet the stalker!

Do not try to "talk sense" into them. Save all evidence (i.e. emails, voice messages, unused gifts) and present it to the police department. If you think you are a victim of stalking, please contact our office to speak with our victim's advocate. We can assist you with police reports and restraining orders if necessary, as well as help you obtain psychological counseling services.

Remember ... stalking is a crime!

Report it to your local law enforcement. If it happened on campus or involves campus personnel, contact the SJSU Police Department at 408-924-2222.