Subject Matter Competence Requirement


For candidates applying to the Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe K-12 programs you will need to take a CSET exam as an admission requirement. For those interested in working in K-8 settings, take the Multiple Subject exam all 3 sub tests. 

For those interested in teaching high school grades 9-12 take one of the several Single Subject Exams - 3 sub tests offered as follows: art, English, foreign language, mathematics including foundational math, music, social science or science including foundational level general science or a specialized science such as biology. 

For candidates applying to the Early Childhood Special Ed credential you do not take the CSET exam but instead must have 9 units of early childhood courses on a transcript. The courses should cover the early years of childhood, developmental milestones or families. This needs to be approved by the ECSE coordinator, Dr Hughes.