Added Authorizations in Special Education

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

The Added Authorization will allow holders of Level I and II Mild/Moderate and other credentials to work with K-12 students (up through age 22) with autism spectrum disorders. The Added Authorization in ASD is required by CCTC for teachers who 

  1. Work with students with autism spectrum disorders.
  2. Have any of the following credentials*:
  • Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Level I and Level II Credentials
  • Education Specialist Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Level I and Level II Credentials
  • Ryan Specialist Instruction Teaching Credentials: Learning Handicapped
  • Ryan Specialist Instruction Teaching Credentials: Communication Handicapped

*Check the CCTC website to view the complete list of credential holders eligible for this authorization

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

The Added Authorization in Early Childhood Special Education is available to individuals who hold a Clear Education Specialist Credential. Completion of this authorization extends special education teaching authorization to students with disabilities between the ages of birth and pre-Kindergarten.