Credential Programs

The Department of Special Education offers the Education Specialist Instruction Credential in the following areas:

Mild-Moderate Disabilities Education

All candidates participating in the Mild-Moderate Disabilities Program are prepared on and evaluated with California Standards for Teaching Preparation. Disabilities in the mild-moderate category include specific learning disabilities, mild to moderate intellectual disability, other health impairment, and serious emotional disturbance.

Moderate-Severe Disabilities Education

The Moderate-Severe Disabilities Education Specialist Credential Program prepares individuals to teach students from Kindergarten through age 22 who have disabilities such as autism, deaf-blindness, moderate to severe intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, and emotional disturbances.

Coursework covers the areas of functional assessment, curriculum, instructional practices, methods for inclusive education, communication strategies, collaboration skills, and positive behavior support.

Early Childhood Special Education

The Early Childhood Special Education Credential Program is a full-time or part-time post baccalaureate graduate program which prepares credential candidates to become fully qualified to work with families and their young children with disabilities, developmental delays or those at risk for developmental delays both in home-based and infant/toddler and preschool settings.

Prospective credential students also have optional additions to the Education Specialist Instruction Credential. Please note that other requirements apply and only students that meet the requirements are eligible for these options. 

Intern Option

Candidates enrolled in this option are able to complete the credential program as an intern, which allows them employment as a special education teacher while taking courses at SJSU. Eligible applicants are encouraged to attend an Intern Orientation and to visit the Intern page for more information regarding this option.

Concurrent Option

Candidates enrolled in this option are able to receive

  • Education Specialist Instruction Preliminary Credential in Mild-Moderate Disabilities
  • Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential OR Preliminary Single Subject Credential.

Candidates must fill out a Concurrent Application available on the Forms page of our website. Candidates must also apply to the corresponding department in which they wish to receive their second credential (Elementary Education or Secondary Education).