Master of Arts Degree Option

What are the options for a person who just wants to do an MA?

Students can specialize in one of three fields - Early Childhood Special Education, Mild/Moderate Disabilities, or Moderate/Severe Disabilities. The MA requires 30 approved units. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0.

If I enroll in the MA program, can I teach in a California School?

Students cannot teach in a public school unless they have a valid California teaching credential in Multiple Subjects (or Elementary) or Single Subjects (or Secondary), or in Special Education in the area of disability that matches your students. 

Do I have to take the courses in a specific sequence?

The MA program begins on a Fall sequence. Students must meet with their advisor to prepare a candidacy form. Students must carefully plan for the (4) courses that must be taken sequentially not concurrently:

  • EDSE 285
  • EDSE 231
  • EDSE 231X
  • EDSE 220

This means that students must develop a schedule for the other 18 units. EDSE 218 is also a required course in all MA programs.


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