Program Admission

Do I have to pass the CBEST before being admitted to the program?

Yes, proof of passing scores must be submitted with your department application for all credential programs.

What is a Certificate of Clearance? Do I need one?

A Certificate of Clearance is verification that you have not been convicted of a felony, a condition which would prevent you from being issued a credential by California law. Students who fail to submit a Certificate of Clearance may not be admitted or may have their admission delayed. A valid emergency permit or current California Teaching Credential will be accepted in lieu of a Certificate of Clearance.

Must I satisfy the pre-professional experience requirement before being fully admitted to the Program?


When must I satisfy the U.S. Constitution requirement?

As soon as possible. You cannot receive a credential, including the intern credential, unless you meet this requirement.

How long does it take to complete the credential program?

Length depends on which credential program you are in. Intern program can be completed in 2 years. Check the Roadmap for your credential program to determine the number of units required.

Can I work full-time and still be able to complete the program?

Yes, our program is outlined so that you can take classes online, week nights, and weekends. Most classes will not begin until 4pm. However, in order to meet the student-teaching requirement, you must seek and obtain employment as a special education teacher.

What if I want to do both the MA and credential program?

Yes, you can do the combination MA/Credential program. Apply to the University as an MA student and pass the writing requirement of the department. Once admitted, an advisor will develop your roadmap with you.

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