When do I register?

After the Cal State Apply admission process is complete with the university, students receive a personal log in and pin number allowing students to register for courses. They can check when their registration date begins by logging into MySJSU. If this is a students first semester and registration has already begun, then they should be able to register as soon as they receive their pin number. It is extremely important that students follow up with this or they could lose their opportunity to take a course needed. When sections fill up the enrollment closes. Students should check their account regularly and use their email for any communication with University.

What happens if I miss the registration deadline?

Usually registration will close a few days before classes begin, then will reopen the first day of class. Students will have a short time period where they can register for a course. After the last registration deadline, LATE ADDS will be permitted, under emergency conditions.

How much does it cost?

Fees are dependent on the number of units students take each semester. To get an approximate figure, please visit the Bursar's Office Website for the latest costs.

How do I Pay?

After registering, Students should check within a week at MySJSU to verify that they have been billed, and the amount owed. It is a good idea for students to print their schedule once they have paid fees and also when grades post.

What happens if I do not pay on time?

In cases of late payment, or failures in processing payment, Students will be disenrolled, and could possibly lose their space in a class.

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