The Staff Council was formally established in 2019.  Our mission is to serve as one medium of communication for and between staff, administration, faculty, and students of the university on matters outside the scope of Collective Bargaining. 

Staff Council Bylaws

Read the full version of our Staff Council Bylaws [pdf].

Executive Committee

The following members are serving from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022:

  • Chair: Janet Sundrud
    Finance Systems and Operations Sr. Analyst, Finance Support, Administration and Finance Division

  • Vice-Chair: Harish Chander
    Senior Peoplesoft Analyst Programmer, Enterprise Solutions, Information Technology Division

  • Registrar: **Currently Vacant**

  • Treasurer: Catherine Fanfa Sullivan
    Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Occupational Therapy, Academic Affairs Division

  • Social Organizer: Jessica Larsen
    Academic Business Strategist, Office of the Provost, Academic Affairs Division

  • Staff Recognition Committe Chair: Larissa Bates, Career Counselor, Career Center, Student Affairs Division

  • Past Chair: **Currently Vacant**

You can contact the Executive Committee at