Teaching Steinbeck


Aids to understanding Steinbeck's works are intended for teachers and for students of all ages. The left-hand navigation provides access to overviews and to a variety of activities, synopses, character descriptions and glossaries relating to each work. A major effort is under way to finish the building of basic content on all of Steinbeck's works.  If you are interested in helping with this effort, contact the Center's Director. See list below.

Materials in this area of the website have been created by teachers and scholars collaborating. The most significant leader of this effort is Kathleen Hicks, instructor at Arizona State University. Barbara Heavilin, Susan Shillinglaw, Martha Heasley Cox, Paul Douglass, Robert DeMott, Edwin Sams, Peter Van Coutren, Jennifer Lola McClelland, and numerous others have contributed over the years to what is found here. The Center expresses its gratitude to them, and to the following who assisted in the labor: Erin Paquette, David Mangin, John Callahan, Charles Zeeb, Nicole Nixen, Christina Harney, Kate Hicks, Elizabeth Dern, and Karyn Riedell.

Works in Progress:

  • Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights (Peter Van Coutren)
  • Forgotten Village (Peter Van Coutren)
  • Grapes of Wrath  (Jeffrey Yeager. Draft completed and awaiting posting to the site.)
  • Journal of a Novel, The East of Eden Letters (Kevin Manning)
  • Log from the Sea of Cortez (Charles Etheridge)
  • The Pearl  (Sabrina Nichols)
  • To A God Unknown (Christopher Miller)
  • Wayward Bus (Rachel Collier)
  • Working Days: The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath (Jeffrey Yeager)
  • Zapata/Viva Zapata!  (Lynn Hildenbrand)

Works Still to be Covered:

  • America and Americans
  • Bombs Away
  • Once There Was a War
  • Short Reign of Pippin IV