Why Choose a Career in Student Affairs?

Unlimited Choice and Flexibility

Student Affairs professionals work in a variety of different positions on campus; they work in student activities, residence life, academic advising, financial aid, admissions, campus recreation, career services, volunteer services, and student orientation just to name a few. Professionals also work at a variety of institutions – community colleges, public universities, private universities, and institutions of all sizes. Also, Student Affairs practitioners enter the field from all backgrounds. Whether your undergraduate degree is in political science, economics, human resource management, art, or anything in between there is a place for you in Student Affairs.

Making a Difference

Working in Student Affairs gives you the opportunity to assist students during very important and critical time in their lives. According to the Center for Student Activities and Involvement, statistics show that students who have a mentor during college or are involved in extracurricular activities are much more likely to graduate than their peers who are not involved and do not have at least one mentor. As a Student Affairs practitioner, you can be that mentor that helps change students' lives.

Limitless Possibilities

Getting a master's degree in Student Affairs is your ticket into the profession, but from there the opportunities are endless. Through assistantships, internships, and practicum work in graduate school you will gain valuable experience and insight into the different areas of Student Affairs. The skills you learn will help you throughout your entire career and will help you to advance in the field. Some Student Affairs professions take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a doctoral degree, which gives them even more options including becoming a director, dean or students, or even a Vice President for Student Affairs!

Exciting Work Environment

The Student Affairs field is continually changing and evolving. Professionals perform a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis including advising groups, leading meetings, coordinating events, overseeing budgets, and working with a range of students, staff, and faculty. Working in a campus environment continually offers new challenges and requires new strategies and ideas to deal with these challenges. For this reason, Student Affairs professionals rarely have a boring day at the office and on top of that, working with students generates its own kind of energy and excitement.

Amazing Benefits

The benefits of working for a college or university are incomparable! Colleges and universities often offer very attractive and unique benefits packages. While they vary from institution, some of the major advantages often include:

  • Competitive wages
  • Comprehensive medical/dental benefits
  • Generous vacation time
  • Lower/free tuition for you and your family
  • Retirement plans

In addition to these benefits, many schools offer access to all or many cultural, recreational, and social opportunities that the campus has to offer.

A Career You Love

Since the Student Affairs field is continuously changing and advancing, there is always something new and exciting going on. For this reason, being a Student Affairs professional is both fun and fulfilling. From the event planning to the student mentoring, it's just plain fun!

Source: National Association of Student Personnel Administrators - NASPA