Annual Report 2017–2018

Annual Report for Student Union, Inc. for 2017-2018


Table of Contents


Executive Director's Message
Financial Summary
Fiscal Charts
Administration & Operations
Facilities Maintenance
Human Resources
Event Center
Event Services
Events and Programming
Computer Services
Information Center/Marketing
Sport Club
Bowling Center
Fitness & Wellness
Club Sports
Outdoor Adventures
Intramural Sports
Learning Outcomes
Board of Directors


Executive Director's Message


It has been a busy year, beginning with the creation of a new mission statement and organizational values. We continued work on construction projects that will enhance the campus life and out-of-classroom experience for our students. These projects include work on the Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center (SRAC) and completion of the renovation project for the Bowling Center. Two new projects we are addressing is the renovation of the current Sport Club and working with Chartwells as they transition into being the sole provider of food on the campus. From an operational perspective, we have incorporated new software systems; policies and procedures that will help the organization be more efficient and effective; and we updated, renewed, or created new agreements and MOU’s that address the operational relationship between the Student Union and the university, and/or, the Student Union and its leasees.

Catherina A. BusalacchiThe Executive Director and the Associate Director for the Event Center and Spartan Recreation worked with the Spartan Recreation team to address the audiovisual, fitness, recreational, and aquatic equipment needs of SRAC. We also decided the colors and graphics for the interior of the building, along with picking the furniture for the pool deck and lounge areas. We spent a good portion of the spring semester evaluating and determining the operational and organizational structure for SRAC, since opening this facility will have an enormous impact on the overall Student Union, Inc. The SRAC staff looked at necessary fulltime and student positions, and timing for hiring these positions. They addressed hours of operation, staffing levels, and the budget necessary to meet the staffing needs. Next, the sub-departments of SRAC created their operational budgets.

Once we addressed the staffing and budget needs for SRAC, the Associate Director for Administration and Finance and I addressed the impact the opening of this facility will have on the Student Union’s human resource, accounting, IT, marketing/graphics, and facility maintenance departments. By January of 2019, the Student Union will hire 14 new full-time positions and approximately 200 – 220 student positions, as well as repositioning and promoting several current staff within the organization.

With the increased financial support from the university, we have also seen a continued growth and participation in our Club Sports program (17 to 34 teams) and Intramural leagues.

As we transition into the 2018-2019 academic year, our major priorities are:

  • Student Success Initiative - Student Union staff must not only see themselves as managers of facilities and programs, but as educators who have an impact on a student’s learning by how they train and operate each of their departments. Student Union staff will take an active role with their student employees’ path to graduation, and will be assessing life skills, skills related to the department, along with relationship skills they develop while being employed by the Student Union, Inc.
  • Grand Opening of the Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center (SRAC) - In preparation, SRAC staff will focus on the development of various departmental policies and procedures, along with the hiring and training of both full-time and student staff.
  • Enhancement of Campus Life and Student Involvement – We will begin regular meetings to address the renovation of the Sport Club, and now the construction of the Track/Field and Parking structure at South Campus. Both of these projects will finally give the 3,000 plus students participates in Club Sports and Intramurals an on-campus location to practice and hold competitive matches, as well as a destination to meet, socialize, study, and perform leadership responsibilities. The Sport Club renovation will also provide practice dance studios for our 40-plus student cultural clubs.



Catherine A. Busalacchi
Executive Director


Financial Summary


The Student Union of San José State University is a California State University auxiliary organization that manages and maintains two major facilities at the San José State University (SJSU) campus. The Student Union began operations at SJSU in October 1969 and became incorporated in March 1982. The facilities include the newly renovated and expanded Diaz Compean Student Union and the Event Center. The non-profit corporation has been in business for over 46 years and receives no state funding. Revenue is derived from Student Union fees collected as well as revenues earned from various service fees and rental of the facilities. Students interact with the Student Union on a daily basis, either through the use of facilities or participation in sponsored events and programs. The Student Union also acts as a conduit to the greater campus community, who utilizes the various recreational facilities and attends the diverse concerts and events on campus. To view our full audited financials, click here.

Student Center Facilities Project

In anticipation of the needs of future students, the Student Center Facilities Project paved the way for the recently completed Diaz Compean Student Union and construction of a new recreation facility. The Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center is expected to open for students in Spring 2019 and meet the needs and demands of SJSU’s growing campus, providing social, recreational, and educational space for all students, including residential students. The new facilities will provide additional opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to socialize, congregate, and engage outside of the classroom.

Board of Directors

The Student Union Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors composed of eleven (11) voting members:

  • Students – Six (6)
  • Faculty – Two (2)
  • Administrators – Two (2)
  • Community Member – One (1)

The Student Union’s Executive Director acts as the Board Secretary, which is a non-voting position. The Board of Directors meets at least once quarterly, reviews and develops policy, and approves the annual budget. There are four subcommittees of the Board that address personnel, facilities & programs, the annual audit, and finances & reserves of the corporation.

The Student Union financial reserves consist of Local Reserves held by the Student Union and the balance of the collected Student Union fees held in trust by San José State University. These reserves are reviewed regularly by the Board of Directors to maintain a solid financial position as well as ensure adequate funding for future capital improvements.

Providing quality programs and services continues to be a priority for the Student Union staff and the Board of Directors. The new upcoming Spartan Recreation & Aquatic Center anticipates the needs and expectations of future SJSU students and will enhance campus life at the university.



To view our full audited financials, click here.

Revenue for

Fiscal Year 2017–2018:


Revenue Pie Chart 2017–2018

Revenue 60.9%  Student Fees (Returned for Operations)
Commissions and Other  5.2% Commissions and Other
Rental Income 2016–2017  21.0% Rental Income
Reimbursed Costs 2016–2017  7.5% Reimbursed Costs for Events
Service Fees  2.1% Service Fees
Investments  3.3% Investments


Expenses for

Fiscal Year 2017–2018:

Expenses Pie Chart 2017-2018

Wages and Benefits 2016–2017 47.8% Wages and Benefits
Insurance 2016–2017  1.9% Insurance
Business Services 2016–2017  12.6% Business Services
(Outside Agencies)
 Utilities 2016–2017  10.6% Utilities
 Repairs and Maintenance  1.8% Repairs and Maintenance
 Depreciation 2016–2017  6.1% Depreciation
 Project Expenditures 2016–2017  3.1% Project Expenditures
 Other Operational Costs 2016–2017  16.1% Other Operational Costs





Revenue for

Fiscal Year 2016–2017:

Revenue Pie Chart 2016-2017

Revenue 2016–2017 69.4% Student Fees (Returned for Operations)
Commissions and Other 4.2% Commissions and Other
Rental Income 2016–2017 13.7% Rental Income
Reimbursed Costs 2016–2017 6.1% Reimbursed Costs for Events
Service Fees 1.4% Service Fees
Investments 5.3% Investments


Expenses for

Fiscal Year 2016–2017:


Expenses Pie Chart 2016–2017

Wages and Benefits 2016–2017 39.9% Wages and Benefits
Insurance 2016–2017 1.5% Insurance
Business Services 2016–2017 10.56% Business Services
(Outside Agencies)
Utilities 2016–2017 7.58% Utilities
Repairs and Maintenance 1.25% Repairs and Maintenance
Depreciation 2016–2017 3.4% Depreciation
Project Expenditures 2016–2017 2.3% Project Expenditures
Other Operational Costs 2016–2017 11.59% Other Operational Costs
Contribution to Tower Foundation 2016–2017 21.91% Contribution to Tower Foundation











Student Union Administration oversees management and operations of the Student Union building using a staff of Student Building Supervisors, full-time Operations Assistants, and Student Building Assistants. The Student Union Administration office operates as the central Lost and Found site for SJSU, handling lost and found transactions for all areas of campus other than the MLK Library and the Event Center. For more information about this department, click here.

Training & Growth

The dedicated and professional full-time Operations Staff and the reliable student staff they oversee receive trainings in proper cleaning processes, hazard communications, personal and customer safety, and other procedures with the goal of providing a clean, safe, and inviting environment for all those who enter the building.

Student Building Supervisors are responsible for oversight of building operations: opening to closing, enforcement of building policies, setups, emergency evacuations, tenant satisfaction, and support of other building functions.

In 2017–2018, the Administration and Operations staff continued to grow to meet the demands of maintaining a quality facility for the benefit of SJSU students and the campus community.


Student Employee Highlight: Miguel Vega

Miguel Vega

"Working at the Student Union has greatly improved my communication skills. Working as a building assistant and then getting promoted to building supervisor has given me the opportunity to improve in so many areas. From teamwork to multi-tasking and writing reports, this job has given me the confidence to be able to do any job put in my way. Through training workshops such as fire evacuations and CPR training, I have acquired many hard skills that I will be using in my future career and in life. Being able part of the Student Union has been a great opportunity and a way to gain experience for the future."


Student Employee Highlight: Kathlene Cacho

Kathlene Cacho

"Leaving my hometown resulted in leaving my comfort zone. When I came to SJSU and started working at the Student Union, I improved myself and my skills. As a Building Supervisor and Office Assistant, I learned to be more sociable and improved my communication skills. I have become more confident and outspoken, and I learned to manage my time, as well as effectively work under pressure. I gained skills that will benefit me in my future career. Working in the Student Union has changed me to become the best I can be and continue to help me grow and aim higher."


Student Employee Highlight: Naomi Herrera

Naomi Herrera

"As a commuter student, it was hard being sociable, especially with fellow classmates. However, once I started working as a Building Assistant, I learned to communicate with my coworkers and with the clients. This gave me the confidence to speak to others more often, and the changes were noticeable in class. I also learned to manage my time between work, class, club activities, and social events. Working as an Office Assistant has allowed me to gain customer service skills, which will enable me to succeed in my future." 



Facilities Maintenance


Facilities Maintenance provides support for every department and campus partner operating in Student Union, Inc. facilities. This support includes plumbing, painting, repairing doors, mounting hardware, daily checks of the domestic water, HVAC, and other building systems. Maintenance coordinates with construction teams, assisting with shutdowns and building issues found during construction, along with performing critical support during concerts at the Event Center and high-profile events in the Student Union.

Facing Forward

Much of 2017–2018 was spent preparing for the following fiscal year, as 2018-2019 looks to be an incredibly busy year for the Student Union, Inc. Food service areas in the company’s facilities were prepared for the transition from Spartan Shops to Chartwells. The imminent completion of the Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center means Facilities Maintenance must work with construction companies and contractors to ensure a smooth transition once the building is finished. Staff were also trained on new equipment when the Bowling Center reopened after renovations.

For many of these projects, the Director of Facilities and IT worked with architects, construction management, general contractors, consultants, subcontractors, and Facilities Development & Operations staff. Maintenance restructured recently, with teams now working in all Student Union, Inc. facilities, enabling them to handle complex tasks and assist each other with daily operations.


  • 10% of the lighting in the Student Union and Event Center has been upgraded to LED lighting. These upgrades are estimated to reduce the lighting electricity and maintenance cost by 50%.
  • The Bowling Center & Billiards Room point of sale system was replaced and now features enhanced service integration.
  • The water metering system was upgraded, allowing for better analysis of water usage.
  • Several of the critical steam system components were repaired, restoring optimal performance to the system.
  • Fire-rated glass doors were installed in the Bowling Center & Billiards Room, African-American/Black Student Success Center, UndocuSpartan Student Resource Center, and two storage rooms.

Staff Development

The maintenance department trains operation staff and maintenance staff on the following topics:

  • Ballroom & Meeting Room Partition Usage
  • Fire Panel Operation
  • Test Scissor Lift Operation
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Bowling Center Operations



Human Resources


Human Resources performs and administers job recruitment analysis, new hire onboarding, employee development, wage and salary benefits, and employee relations. They keep employees growing and engaged through trainings, workshops, and team-building social gatherings. For more information about this department, click here.

Onboarding Overhaul

In 2017-2018, Human Resources began implementation of a new, more efficient onboarding and recruitment process, highlighted by the use of DocuSign for electronic forms. Migration from Skillport Training Systems to Sum Total Systems, a new campus training program, is already underway and will become mandatory for all campus units in Fall 2018.

Looking Ahead

The reduction of hardcopy paperwork is a primary focus for Human Resources moving forward. Migrating to electronic records will make the department more efficient on multiple levels. ADP WorkForce Now’s recruitment and onboarding modules will streamline the department from employee application to offer letter. New additions will feature pay equity analytics, Employee Verification System (EVS), and A-line cards and Performance Evaluation modules.

With the new Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center slated open in Spring 2019, the Student Union, Inc. is projected to have over 500 employees in the next fiscal year. To handle this growth, HR will be welcoming on two new full-time members: a Human Resources Director and a Payroll Coordinator. In addition, all HR staff will be CPR / Red Cross trained in 2018–2019.


Human Resources collaborates with many departments both on and off campus. Training programs are developed alongside UPD for campus and employee safety; the Health & Counseling Center for retirement, depression, and life changes; the Career Center for transferable skills and workforce readiness. Nationwide Insurance makes visits to discuss retirement preparations, investments, and portfolio reviews. Clothing and food drives are held in support of Sacred Heart Community Services. 

Student Employee Highlight: Vivian Lam

Vivian Lam

“Working in Human Resources has helped build my communication skills, including my confidence. Before working in HR, I lacked confidence when communicating with others. After working in the department for almost a year, my communication skills have improved, from personally talking to employees and managers to presenting payroll information at new hire orientations."



Event Center


As a major concert and sporting venue in Northern California, the Event Center at SJSU brings a wealth of entertainment to the university, enhancing campus life. For more information about this department, click here.


150,000 Visitors

The Event Center made a number of equipment purchases in 2017–2018 that will make the venue safer and more efficient. Eleven CEIA walk-through metal detectors and fourteen Garrett handheld detectors were purchased and are already being used at all major events. A new 5,000-pound Toyota electric forklift replaces a smaller 15-year-old forklift that was unable to lift heavier gear, while a new Big Foot electric cart and trailer replaces a 10-year-old cart that was continually breaking down. The purchase of a new portable LED wall will make the venue more dynamic for guests. The wall consists of 84 portable, configurable 3.9mm panels that can be arranged in a variety of sizes. These panels replace an aging projector and can also be used in smaller arrangements for events around campus.

EC Staff TrainingsStaff Growth

Professional development remains a cornerstone for Event Center staff, both full-time and student. Will Marion, a student lighting supervisor, attended LDI, a conference designed for lighting professionals. Jon Fleming and Mario Duran, two full-time staff members, attended the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) Venue Connect Conference and Trade Show, where they saw new products, discussed industry trends, and connected with a global network. Mario also completed a second year at IAVM’s Venue Management School, a premier course for professionals in the venue management field. He was recognized in the 2018 Class of 30 Under 30 by IAVM.

Looking Forward

123 outside events supported by Technical ServicesIn 2018–2019, Event Center hiring for Operations and Technical Services will increase, requiring more training. Managers in both departments are revamping their training programs to keep them up to date with industry standards. These new employees will help the Event Center tackle what projects to be a busy year for external events.

Student Employee Highlight: Maddison Hallaran

Maddison Hallaran

Since working at the Event Center as a production technician, I have been able see myself as a leader in large-scale events. By progressing to be Video Director in high-class events such as basketball games, graduations, and concerts, both my technical and creative skills have been tested. Managing and directing multiple cameras at once while operating the switchboard for the live feed was intimidating at first, but now comes naturally. The biggest challenge of this job was understanding the intensive system that all our cables go through to send different signals, and how to troubleshoot when things go wrong. It would often times be overwhelming, especially when time wasn't on our side, but it's pushed me to work better under pressure and also understand signal flow for video and audio. Since I'm pursuing a career in film and television, I feel my experiences here give me a great advantage entering the entertainment industry.”

Student Employee Highlight: Katelyn Spangler

Katelyn Spangler

“Teamwork and communication goes a long way in our job. When it comes to putting together the basketball floor or cleaning up the Event Center, we complete tasks with a sense of understanding and unity among the staff. If we do not communicate, it creates so many additional problems for us. So, as staff members, we try and use this skill to our advantage, and have it reflect positively on our performance. For emergency evacuation training, we need to work as a team and communicate to assess each emergency situation. The Event Center has improved my communication and teamwork skills with these trainings.”

Student Employee Highlight: Parin Patel

Parin Patel

“This school year, I began working at the Event Center Box Office. The main skill for this job was good communication. It's an essential skill to possess that can be used for every facet of life. I applied this skill assisting patrons with various ticketing issues, needs and questions. It's useful in troubleshooting customer issues that arise during events. In my experience as a Ticket Seller, good communication includes providing clear and concise information that is easily understood, and discerning which questions to ask to quickly find solutions to customer issues. This combination helps eliminate confusion or frustration for the customer and allows them to enter the venue promptly. Good communication is a skill that I'm continually learning and will use in perpetuity.”



Event Services


Event Services helps student organizations, university departments, and community groups meet their campus event production needs. They schedule space, advise on equipment needs, and coordinate setup and breakdown for all non-academic events on campus. For more information about this department, click here.

Inside the Student Union 2017–2018 Events 2016–2017 Events
Student Groups 1,748 1,875
Departments 945 698
Career Center 73  32
Orientation 122  104
Associated Students 94  104
Student Involvement 114  23
Off Campus 147  15
Total Events 3,243  2,851
Total Attendees 321,866  277,460 


Outside the Student Union 2017–2018 Events 2016–2017 Events
SPX Gyms & South Campus Fields 226 244
Plazas & Lawn Areas 140  201
Morris Dailey Auditorium 51  57
Classrooms 2,649  2,843
Spartan Memorial 183  169
Total Outside Events 3,249 3,514


Student Union Tables & Banners 3,363 3,514



Event Services filled two full-time staff positions (Assistant Manager and Audio-Visual Supervisor) Fall 2017, then began recruiting, hiring, and training a team of 16 Audio-Visual Technicians to meet the heavy demand for events.


The Ballroom received numerous upgrades, including a new mixing console for live music events and a Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet system, which now provide more flexibility for running audio lines. Four moving lights were added on stage D and B. New drapery and lighting were purchased as well, for both decor and staging. The Student Union Theater was upgraded with a wireless microphone antenna system and adjustments were made to the lighting grid to provide more lighting on stage.


The labor scheduling application, “WhenToWork” was purchased in 2017 and has become the primary scheduling system for both Operations and Event Services, helping fulfill the various shifts and hundreds of hours of labor required to run Event Operations.

Event Management System

Event Services and Student Union IT began working on a new scheduling system in Spring 2018, laying the foundation and training on the new Event Management System software that will provide a more collaborative and open communication work environment between Operations and Events.  The EMS is scheduled to roll out in Fall 2018. Event Services continues to work on guidelines and policies that smooth out interactions between staff and customers.

Student Employee Highlight: Rumeet Desai

Rumeet Desai

"Multi-tasking is a critical skill. My duties as an AV Technician have made me think analytically and develop the strategies to help me improve and be more effective at home, at work, and at school. The skills I've learned have not only helped me as an AV Technician, but also as an Engineering student with loads of academic responsibilities. Managing time effectively has made me self-disciplined and determined."

Student Employee Highlight: Sunny Quach

Sunny Quach

"While working as a Student Assistant in Event Services, I found prioritization to be a key skill to have to succeed. With the fast-paced setting of the office, tasks can easily pile up. I have learned to prioritize my work, completing the most important things first, which allows me to work on other tasks throughout the day. Prioritization has helped me to finish my work in a timely manner while still having time to assist others. This skill has extended to my class work load and I'm able to organize my deadlines and school projects."



Events and Programming


Responsible for building events and experiences that encourage growth and keep students on campus, Events and Programming grew considerably in 2017-2018. For more information about this department, click here.

Live Music at NoonUnique & Major Events

With a focus on engaging students, Student Union Presents hosted innovative programming that created special experiences and large events intended to attract a campus-wide audience. In November 2017, a DIY Hot Cocoa event had students build their own special cuppa’ in advance of finals; Students could customize their drinks with numerous toppings and drizzles. In March 2018, SU Presents hosted an Arts & Crafts Painting & Mocktails event in the Bowling Center. This event was a sober version of the popular bar event, as attendees learned to paint while enjoying alcohol-free mixed drinks.Movie Nights

On August 30, 2017, the Student Union Open House event encouraged thousands of students to explore the Diaz Compean Student Union, collect stamps, and win prizes. When the Bowling Center reopened in January 2018 after extensive renovation, Events & Programming hosted a week of activities, including t-shirt giveaways, promotions, and special events every day. The Student Appreciation Festival, held April 25, 2018 on the West Patio, featured free t-shirts and food with over 3,500 students in attendance.

Game NightsCollaboration

Events & Programming works with other campus departments throughout the year. These collaborations help amplify the efforts of campus partners while giving students expanded programming options on campus. In September, joint programming with Associated Students resulted in a day-long roller skating installation called “This Is How We Roll,” held inside the Event Center. Student Union Presents also worked with the Title IX Office to host a “Sex Signals” comedy show in October which made students laugh and educated them about consent and safe sex.



Computer Services


More than just information technology help desk support, Computer Services manages the data and technology infrastructure that keeps the Student Union, Inc. running smoothly.

Support TicketsGrowth

As the Student Union, Inc. grows, IT must scale as well. Computer Services deployed a new help desk and asset management system to handle the ever-growing number of requests made of their department. Stephen Gbadamosi, a new full-time IT Support Specialist, was hired as well.

Moving Forward

Computer Services looks to work with a number of departments to move their services online and convert paperwork into digital files. In 2017–2018, the department implemented a new digital document signing solution. Work has also already begun on a new Altec document management system for the Finance department, and a new events management system for Event Services is almost ready to deploy. The Bursar’s Office collaborated with Computer Services on a plan to bring online ordering to the Spartan Recreation website. IT Fusion System

Prep work has also begun on Lansweeper, a tool for device lifecycle and asset management, and Confluence, software that streamlines business continuity procedures.

 Student Employee Highlight: Carter Gale

Carter Gale

“When I came in this year, I knew basically nothing about the software side of IT. I’m learning so much about everything! Big fix, active directory, group policy, license management, Lansweeper, now Nagios! This is a great job! And everyone here makes it a fun place to work!”




Accounting and Finance


Fiscal accountability is part of the mission statement that drives the Student Union, Inc. and Accounting and Finance helps ensure that promise. For more information about this department, click here.


In 2017–2018, Accounting and Finance focused on streamlining procedures to enable the company to operate more efficiently. Travel and Hospitality policy and procedure guides received major updates, clarifying ambiguities and adding additional best practices. Within the department, procedural processes were evaluated and overhauled to make daily productivity more efficient.

Looking Ahead

Accounting and Finance looks to capitalize on campus’ adoption of DocuSign. Work has already begun on migrating the approval processes for accounts payable online. This is a first step toward moving more documentation online, reducing paper redundancy and making the department more efficient.

Student Employee Highlight: Trinh Pham

Trinh Pham

"Throughout my time working in the Accounting Department at the Student Union, Inc., I have been growing both my professional and personal development. I am able to apply classroom theories into real-life practice. Not only I have improved my accounting skills throughout the time working in the office, I also had a chance to learn how to interact with people coming from different backgrounds and holding different levels of responsibility. Accounting office has become my second family. Living abroad far away from home, I am very grateful to have my colleagues and my manager to always look out for me, to teach me and help me to grow in both professional and personal development."



Information Center


Keeping students informed and up to date, there are two Information Centers in the Diaz Compean Student Union and a Marketing Team. These Information Centers provide a first point of contact between students, family members, the community, the university, and the Student Union, Inc. The Marketing Team works at student outreach and university events advertising Student Union programming and services and posts flyers and posters in various locations throughout campus and downtown. These efforts help keep students engaged on campus, drive participation in programming, and maintain the positive image of the Student Union, Inc. For more information about this department, click here.

Looking Ahead

In July 2018, the West Information Center near the 7th Street Plaza entrance to the Diaz Compean Student Union will be closed permanently to make way for a student lounge area. All operations will be moved to the central Information Center in the interstitial space near Subway and US Bank. Consolidating to this location will result in a lower number of in-person inquiries, but will allow the department to have a single centralized location.

Student Employee Highlight: Kelly Vang

Kelly Vang

"After my time at the Information Center, I've become a more confident and assertive person. Communicating clearly on the phone or talking to somebody in person is important, definitely, but even more important is being able to be calm and sure of yourself when somebody asks you a question and you have no idea what the answer is. When people call the Information Center, sometimes they're very angry or crying and I have to be the one to assure them or be firm but kind with them. These well-honed soft skills will serve me well throughout my career."




Responsible for the production of all marketing materials for the Student Union, Inc., Graphics produces everything from brochures and flyers, to sunglasses and social media assets. They are the brand designers who craft the image of the company.

Massive Production

In 2017–2018, Graphics nearly doubled its annual production of marketing collateral. The leading sources of work were Spartan Recreation and Student Union Presents. Posters, digital pieces, and other assorted handouts are created for each event within each department. This means for the 12 events held by Outdoor Adventures, for example, Graphics produced over 40 individual pieces. Additionally, semesterly or monthly calendars are produced for each department. The largest single source was Student Union Presents, which hosted over four dozen events, leading the creation of over 100 pieces of marketing material.

This leap in productivity was achieved without the need to hire additional design staff, but through streamlined processes and workflow efficiencies.

Website Revamp

Graphics hired a web specialist in November 2017 to take over the updating and maintenance of the Student Union, Inc. and Spartan Recreation websites. This was a major project, as some web pages had information that was over a decade out of date and others had redundant conflicting information. Major overhauls were performed for Event Services, Human Resources, and the Diaz Compean Student Union directory. Additionally, many sections of these websites were restructured and reorganized to provide a better user experience.

Looking Ahead

Graphics met with University IT to discuss upcoming changes to the university’s web template. These changes will affect every page throughout the entire website. To help ensure a smooth transition, Graphics has already begun revising and preparing many pages in collaboration with University IT.

In Fall 2018, Spartan Recreation design production responsibilities will be transitioned to a new department. This will free up significant resources for the department’s full-time staff, who can begin to focus on the company’s social media policies and implementation.

Student Employee Highlight: Leila Dela Cruz

Leila Dela Cruz

“While working at the Student Union, Inc., I’ve learned to develop my design and layout skills, work with different clients, and collaborate with my team members. I enjoy the fun environment, where I can be freely creative and learn to produce effective posters and other graphics needs for the company. This job is helping me prepare for my future career as a graphic designer.”


Sport Club


Providing a home base for Spartan Recreation, the Sport Club is a full fitness center in the heart of campus. Working with Kinesiology, UPD, and Athletics, the Sport Club attracts students and university staff with a variety of services and programs. For more information about this department, click here.

Upgrades & Equipment

While the Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center is slated for completion in Spring 2019, the Sport Club still sees thousands of visits every day. Security cameras were installed, wood floors were resurfaced, and new lighting was put in all fitness studios and the mini-gym. New Precor Ellipticals, a Lifefitness PowerMill, a TechnoGym Artis Climb, Schwinn Sprint Bikes, and Concept2 Rowing Machines were all purchased in 2017–2018.


Full-time staff at the Sport Club attended the NIRSA Regional and National Workshops along with California State Workshops. Staff also completed the Aquatic Facility Operators course in anticipation of the SRAC’s opening and trained on LES Mills Virtual, a digital fitness platform set for implementation in Fall 2018.

Student Employee Highlight: Bailey Bechtel

Bailey Bechtel

“I appreciate the opportunity I got to work at the Sport Club. My life would be very different had I not, as I gained tons of professional and life experience during my time here. The Sport Club creates a very positive and open atmosphere for staff to communicate and develop without fear.”



Student Employee Highlight: Jessica Harrisson

Jessica Harrison“Over the past four years working with the Sport Club, I have experienced tremendous change and growth. I have worked my way through the ranks, pushing my own comfort zones throughout the process. The professional staff has shown a desire to care and always listens to their student users and staff. I am thankful for the friends and experiences I have gained while being part of the Sport Club.”




Bowling Center


Newly opened in Spring 2018 after extensive renovation, the Bowling Center hit the ground running with a week-long grand opening, staff bowling leagues, and busy evenings of entertainment. The renovation features 14 state-of-the-art lanes, ball returns, pinsetters, and computer scoring, along with new furnishings. For more information about this department, click here.

Hiring & Training

Of the 35 students hired for the re-opening of the Bowling Center, 31 had little or no previous knowledge of bowling. They learned to use bowling-specific software, like point-of-service transactions, reservations, and operation of bowling lanes and pool tables. The desk staff underwent cashier training while the porters learned basic pinsetter operation and proper lane maintenance. In addition, four students learned to use third-party software to run bowling leagues and three staff members trained to process daily paperwork to track headcounts, complete deposits, and write exception reports. These dedicated student staff went on to assist in training the rest of the staff.

In June, student staff began developing training procedures to further expand their duties and knowledge. The majority of next year’s training has been developed and implemented by the student staff themselves.

Larry Aldama, the newly hired full-time Bowling Center manager, ventured to Bowl Expo and attended seminars on growing social media, controlling cost, and improving promotions.


During Spring 2018, the Bowling Center and Billiards Room had 56,327 visitors and totaled $138,802 in sales. Approximately 51% of guests did not spend money, instead using the lounge area to relax, study, and socialize.

  • 26 group special events
  • 8 sections of Kinesiology bowling classes
  • 3 leagues: 2 faculty/staff leagues, 1 student league

Looking Ahead

Many changes are in store for the Bowling Center & Billiards Room next year, including the installation of a new food & beverage outlet, amplified social media marketing, and new leagues and programming.

Fixing immediate needs, additional rental shoes have been purchased to alleviate shortages that occurred during peak hours. During Fall 2018, the Bowling Center will extend its hours to 1:00 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to meet late-night demand.



Fitness and Wellness


Part of being a Spartan means activating the entire person, including both mind and body. Fitness and Wellness helps students and the campus community meet their fitness goals through exciting programming and events. For more information about this department, click here.

7,654 Group Fitness Participations

New Program

In July 2017, Fitness added a new program, Les Mills CXWORX. This program has grown exponentially over the past year, and helped the department bring a true core training class to the students.

116 Fitness Packages Sold

Staff Development

Fitness & Wellness performs CPR training throughout the year for university staff, departments, students, and community members. In 2017–2018, 246 people were certified—a 32% increase from 2016–2017—generating over $4,800 in revenue. The department also provides training to its employees so they can lead new and exciting fitness classes for students, including Les Mills CXWORX and Les Mills Sprint, and hosts an Instructor Training Program on a semesterly basis.

Self-improvement is a cornerstone of full-time staff development for the department, as employees earned certifications for Aquatic Facility Operations, TRX training, and a USA Weightlifting Sport Performance. Staff also attended the IDEA Health and Fitness Convention.

831 Personal Training Packes Sold


Energizing students to become active and achieve fitness goals often happens through organized special events. The inaugural Rec the Night in Fall 2017 showcased everything Spartan Recreation has to offer and was such a success that it was brought back in February as Rec Day. Similarly, Fit Fest, a 3-day fitness event, was hosted in both semesters. Fall’s Fit Fest featured a Dance Rave and GRIT challenge while Spring’s brought Double Take and Yoga Glow.

$18,120 Personal Training Revenue

Looking Forward

With the upcoming completion of the Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center, Fitness & Wellness looks to hire two more professional staff: one for fitness and one for guest services, with the possibility for more once the building is completed. The department has already developed new programming and opportunities for the expanded space.

Student Employee Highlight: Lisa Benjamin

Lisa Benjamin

"For the past two years, I have had the great pleasure of working with Spartan Recreation as a program assistant. During my time with Spartan Recreation, I was given responsibility and flexibility to grow in leadership, organizational, and customer service skills. Now graduating with my Masters in Occupational Therapy, I foresee these skills having a larger impact in my professional career. As an OT, I will be collaborating with a variety of health care and community professionals as well as my patients and their families; clear communication, respectful customer service, and organization will each be a valued skill. Additionally, as a coordinator within my team, I was able to build upon leadership skills. This position helped me be a better communicator, encouraged creativity when planning events and fitness programming, and inspired me."



Club Sports


The role of Club Sports is to enable the success of student athletes on the field and in the classroom. For more information about this department, click here.

Club Sports Awards

The 3rd Annual Club Sports Awards was held on Thursday, April 26, 2018 in the Diaz Compean Student Union Ballroom. This annual gala honors the efforts of the student-athletes with awards and celebrates the achievements of all Club Sports participants.

    • Ryan J. Harryman Award for Most Improved, Female Athlete
      • Rosa Chadwick-Dias of Tennis
    • Ryan J. Harryman Award for Most Improved, Male Athlete
      • Michael Diaz of Men’s Lacrosse
    • Sportsmanship Award, Female Athlete750 Student Athletes
      • Chloe Hwang of Tennis
    • Sportsmanship Award, Male Athlete
      • Jonathan Ramos of Men’s Water Polo
    • Scholar Athlete, Female Athlete
      • Sydney Seelig of Fencing
    • Scholar Athlete, Male Athlete
      • Trever Rivera of Men’s Lacrosse
    • Most Valuable Player, Female Athlete
      • Laurén Brown of Women’s Volleyball
    • Most Valuable Player, Male Athlete
      • Ariya Toroghi of Boxing
    • Coach of the Year
      • Derek De Lemos of Men’s Lacrosse
    • Team of the Year
      • Men’s Soccer

Looking Forward

Even more teams will be added to Club Sports’ roster as soon as Fall 2018, including Esports and Karate. Development of Women’s Basketball and Women’s Hockey programs is also underway.

Volt Athletics, a state-of-the-art application-based strength and and conditioning program will be introduced to all teams. Proper training helps athletes prevent injuries and improve performance. Volt leverages the expertise of full-time, CSCS-certified sport performance staff and the Strength Coach Advisory Board to build safe and effective programs, designed to help athletes stay healthy and win more.

Student Employee Highlight: Monica Cordova

“As a Club Sports athlete, I’ve gained personal development, more professional experience, and am part of something bigger than myself. The program has given me opportunities to make my own decisions, execute professional tasks, and embody what a student-athlete should be. As a program assistant, I’m involved in sports other than my own, I’ve gotten to know various athletes in the program, and I’ve built connections and made an impact with different athletic groups and faculty. This experience has improved my love for school.”

Student Employee Highlight: Trever Rivera

“Through Club Sports I have gotten more involved on campus and have met new people. Most of my friends are Club Sports athletes. Club Sports has helped me grow as a person and enabled me to travel and see new places.”


Outdoor Adventures


Encouraging students get out and explore, Outdoor Adventures hosts recreation-focused trips to destinations across Northern California and beyond, including hiking, backpacking, and so much more. For more information about this department, click here.

Staff Development

Outdoor Adventures hosts an Outdoor Adventures Leadership Institute, a six-week mentoring and training program where students learn the tenets of Outdoor Leadership. Many who complete the training go on to work in the Outdoor Adventures department. In January 2018, student and full-time staff attended the Western Regional Outdoor Leadership Conference in Riverside, California.

Looking Forward

As the new Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center is set to be completed in Spring 2019, Outdoor Adventures looks to add a new full-time Outdoor Adventures Coordinator to expand its services and oversee the new climbing wall.


Housing continues to be the closest collaborator for Outdoor Adventures, as both departments share a goal of helping students stay active, fit, and involved in the greater community. This collaboration enables students living in housing to more easily attend trips like hiking Angel Island, learning to surf, stand-up paddling, and backpacking in Sespe Hot Springs.

Student Employee Highlight: Marco Tadeo

Marco Tadeo

“Coming into college, I was a moderately shy student. I wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to professors, fellow classmates, or even a future employer. However, that soon changed being employed with Outdoor Adventures. One of my greatest assets that I developed working with Outdoor Adventures, would be my communication skills. Talking to groups of twenty participants and emailing or calling vendors to coordinate trips helped me build those skills and continues to aid me to be the most successful version of myself.”



Intramural Sports


Intramural Sports offers leagues and tournaments in various sports throughout the academic year and provides students with a structured space to compete outside the commitment of teams. These efforts are augmented with Open Recreation, which allows students the chance to get out and play with no time commitment at all—they can just show up and have fun.


Intramural Sports debuted its first Housing League, hosted exclusively for students in the SJSU dorms, in Spring 2018. The 10-team basketball league filled up quickly, paving the way for more housing leagues in 2018–2019.

Open Recreation Participation

Open Rec: 2,760 Badminton Participations; 907 Basketball Participations; 449 Volleyball Participations


Student staff attended numerous sports trainings throughout the year for each sport they officiated. These trainings increase the quality of officiating throughout the program and keep student employees engaged and growing. Six student staff members attended two separate Norcal Officiating Clinics, one for Flag Football and one for Basketball, in 2017–2018 at University of the Pacific and Cal State East Bay. These clinics are taught by professional officials and are provided free for students.

This extensive training paid off when Andrew Lopez, Intramural Sports Program Assistant and Sports Official, received an award as an All-Tournament Official at the Sacramento State Regional Basketball Tournament in February 2018. Two officials represented SJSU at NIRSA-sponsored tournaments, officiating many games over the course of a long weekend. They received evaluation and feedback from recreation sports professionals and experienced officials.

Looking Ahead

The first ever Spartan Recreation Sports Showcase will take place in the Housing Quad during move-in day. This event will provide students living on campus with information about Intramural Sports, Club Sports, and Athletics options for participating competitively on campus.

When the new Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center opens in Spring 2019, Intramural Sports will have significantly increased capacity for new tournaments and activities thanks to expanded facilities and new equipment. This will mean not only larger versions of currently offered leagues, but also the opportunity to offer whole new sports.

Intramural Sports Teams Participations
Fall 2017    
3-on-3 Basketball Tournament 11 60
4-on-4 Volleyball League 25 903
5-on-5 Basketball League 24 823
Dodgeball Tournament 4 44
Flag Football League 15 820
Indoor Soccer League 34 1691
Spring 2018    
Floor Hockey Tournament 5 86
Cricket League 3 108
Outdoor Soccer League 27 1348
6-on-6 Volleyball League 27 972
5-on-5 Basketball League 39 1785
Totals 214 8640


Student Employee Highlight: Andrew Lopez

Andrew Lopez

"Working with Intramurals, I have learned and grown tremendously. Quickly, I had to learn how to take control of situations, be assertive, and show that I was confident in my ability to officiate a game and lead a court/field. This was a huge learning curve as a freshman, making calls loudly on rowdy upper classmen. After my first year, I found my niche and became a supervisor, expanding my leadership skills. I even had the opportunity to represent SJSU at regional tournaments as a referee for basketball and flag football, broadening my knowledge on game control, how to deal with people, and officiating in general. I am confident in my ability to lead, whether that be explaining a call to an angry coach or breaking up a scuffle between players. These leadership skills all came from intramural sports: being able to lead, being confident in stressful situations, and being comfortable with being uncomfortable has helped me grow as an individual. Now a program assistant, I help train new officials and evaluate them to better the program. I owe my newfound leadership qualities to the intramural program here at the Student Union."

Student Employee Highlight: Satheesh Narasiman

Satheesh Narasiman

"As an Intramural Sports Official with the Student Union, I have acquired the ability to stay strong with my decisions. When I started off, Matthew Lee taught me, 'Right or wrong, be strong.' That mantra has helped me be assertive and come clean on close calls. I am impressed with how IM Sports trains and develops people into referees. We are offered chances to attend officials’ clinics and given feedback periodically. I discovered that I keep improving when provided with constant feedback. I am so thankful to IM Sports and the Student Union for giving me this opportunity and for equipping me with soft skills."



Learning Outcomes


The Student Union, Inc. is invested in the continual growth and success of all SJSU students, from its student assistant employees to the students who use its facilities and programs regularly. To help quantify the company’s impact on campus, every department performs learning outcomes-based assessments that measure the myriad ways its services enable student performance. To read our complete assessment report, please click here.



Board of Directors


Alcosta, Michelle
Student-at-large Representative

Serna, Denice
Board of Directors Chair
Student-at-large Representative

Wughalter, Emily
Faculty Representative

Daniels, Sonja
VP Student Affairs Ex-Officio Appointee

Faas, Charlie
VP Administration and Finance Ex-Officio Appointee

Alvarado, Marco
Board of Directors Vice-Chair
Student-at-large Representative  

Lee, Rose
Community Member Representative

Middaugh, Ellen
Faculty Representative

Manzo, Ariadna
Student-at-large Representative
Associated Students President 

Sandoval-Rios, Joseph
Student-at-large Representative   

Saran, Sameer
Student-at-large Representative
Served for Fall 2017 Only


This report is dedicated to the memory of Ron Lohr.

Ron Lohr