Rates & Fees

Below are lists of hourly indirect overhead fees (campus departments) and off-campus room rental rates for event spaces, along with additional fees for equipment and services. Because events have different needs, groups are encouraged to contact the Event Services Office to discuss services, spaces, and costs.

No co-sponsorships are allowed. All fees subject to change at any time. Additional fees may apply. Please contact Event Services at 408.924.6300 or scheduling.office@susjsu.com for quotes and more information.

Following is the Student Union policy for fees related to use of the SU Ballroom, Theater, and Meeting Rooms by student organizations, campus departments, and off-campus groups.


Student Organizations: Pay event-related direct costs only

Campus Departments: Pay event-related direct costs, plus hourly indirect overhead fees

Off-Campus Groups: Pay event-related direct costs, plus room rental rates (which include hourly indirect overhead fees)



Hourly Indirect Overhead Fees*

(SJSU Campus Departments Only)

Room Cost
Ballroom ABC $80 per hour
Ballroom AB or BC $58 per hour
Ballroom B $36 per hour
Ballroom A or C $22 per hour
SU Theater $37 per hour
Meeting Room 1A & B $15 per hour
Meeting Room 2A & B, 3A & B, 4A & B $10 per hour
Meeting Room 1A $8 per hour
Meeting Room 1B, 2A or B, 3A or B, 4A or B $5 per hour
Faculty/Staff Dining Room $5 per hour

* reviewed annually


Audio Visual Equipment Fees

Rental Space Daily Rate
Microphone Package (includes two microphones) No Charge
Theater LCD Projector $150
Microphone Package (includes two microphones) No Charge
Ballroom LCD Projector (A, or B, or C) $100
Ballroom LCD Projector (D) — for large screen on west wall $150
(Additional AV equipment for major events determined per event)  
Meeting Rooms  
Microphone Package (includes two microphones) No Charge*
LCD Projector No Charge*

*No charge for student organizations and campus departments


Additional Service Fees

Fee Type Cost
Set-up Fees and/or Strike Fees  
Theater or Meeting Room $35 (one-time fee)
Ballroom $18 per hour
AV Technician $18 per hour
Food and/or Beverage Fees*  
Service Fees (Ballroom and Meeting Rooms only) $35 (one-time fee)
Clean-up Fee (Ballroom and Meeting Rooms only) $35+ (one-time fee)
After Hours Fees**  
Student Organizations and Campus Departments $37.50 per hour
Off Campus $75.00 per hour
Cancellation and/or No-show Fees Varies

*Food and/or beverage not allowed in Theater

**If space(s) utilized before or after normal business hours


Sample Ballroom set-up fees:

Theater for 962, Dining for 450, or Classroom for 360 = $288 (4 staff x 4 hours)


Off-Campus Room Rental Rates

Room 4 Hour Minimum 8 Hour Minimum
SU Ballrooms (A, B, & C) $3,300 $4,000
SU Ballrooms (A & B, or B & C) $2,350 $2,900
SU Ballroom (B only) $1,700 $2,000
SU Ballroom (A or C) $1,050 $1,250
SU Theater $1,400 $1,650
Meeting Room (1) $750 $900
Meeting Room (1A) $535 $640
Meeting Room (1B) $370 $440
Meeting Room (2, 3, or 4) $550 $650
Meeting Room (2A or B, 3A or B, 4A or B) $320 $390
Meeting Room (5)  $220 $275