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Voluntary Hazing

Officially formed in San Jose, CA in early 2019, Voluntary Hazing is a 12 piece ska and pop-punk band. The band consists entirely of SJSU students and alumni. They have a full horn section with trombones and trumpets, and alto, tenor and bari saxophones. With a diverse range of sonic influences (including disco and classical music), their debut EP, 'Crossroads,’ explores themes of existentialism, dance critics, crossword puzzles and punk dudes who want to own farms. Yes, very relatable. 'Crossroads' is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more. You can keep up with the band's antics on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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The first song, "Skemsco," was performed and recorded at 476 Studio, an Oakland DIY studio. Follow them on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more independent Bay Area music.

The second song, "Sometimes I Feel," features rapper Official Armoni, a fellow Spartan alum. Follow him on Instagram at @officialarmoni.