Financial Aid

Students who are participating in a short-term or long-term SJSU sponsored study abroad programs can use all of the financial aid including grants, scholarships, and loans (except work study) for which they are normally qualified.* In some cases, awards may be adjusted if a study abroad program ends up costing more than studying at SJSU normally. Financial aid cannot be used for non-sponsored programs through other universities or education abroad providers.

Short-term summer programs, particularly Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs (FLP) and Summer School Abroad (SSA), students will only remain eligible for financial aid if the total number of units taken over the summer session is 6 or greater. This can be achieved entirely through participation on an FLP or SSA program, or in combination of participation in a FLP or SSA and courses taken at SJSU during Summer Session. For winter programs, financial aid is not available.

Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid early by completing the FAFSA and speaking to the financial aid counselor responsible for study abroad students:

Carol Garcia
Special Program Coordinator
Financial Aid and Scholarship Office


*Students receiving California Grants A or B cannot use this form of financial aid with ISEP Direct programs.  All other forms of financial aid (Federal, scholarships, etc.) can be applied to ISEP Direct.