San Jose State University

The following scholarship opportunities are offered by San Jose State University or affiliate programs and apply specifically to study abroad programs. Keep in mind that if you use the SJSU scholarship database and create a profile you can get matched with even more opportunities. As eligible SJSU course work, scholarships can also apply to your study abroad experience even if that is not what it is specifically advertised for! Review the information below to learn more about scholarships funded by SJSU colleges/departments and scholarships funded by SJSU partners - CSU International Programs and ISEP.

*Only SJSU students are eligible to apply

SJSU Colleges and Department Scholarships

Scholarships & Eligibility Deadlines Amount
SJSU College of Health and Human Sciences: Dean’s Study Abroad Scholarships
Eligibility: College of Health and Human Sciences student, acceptance in an SJSU study abroad program, 3 different scholarships available!
March Varies
Louie Barozzi Study Abroad Scholarship 
Eligibility: 3.25 Cumulative GPA, participating in SJSU-sponsored program (SJSU Exchange, CSUIP, ISEP, FLP, SSA) for one term (fall, spring or summer) for minimum of 5 weeks
April  $1,000

Jeffrey Scott Johnson Memorial 
Eligibility: 2.75 GPA, accepted into a study abroad program at SJSU, full-time undergraduate or graduate

View more details here.

May   $1,500

SJSU College of Business Scholarships

Eligibility: College of Business Major or Minor, accepted into a SJSU study abroad program.

Students will be invited to apply after acceptance

Multiple awards:

$750 / semester

$1,500 / academic year

John Gilbert Scholarship for International Studies

Eligibility: Political Science Majors, Full-time student, 3.0 GPA, applying to an SJSU-approved study abroad program

Rolling application up to $7,000
CoSS Dean's Study Abroad Scholarships
Eligibility: a major in the College of Social Sciences, 3.5 major GPA, 3.0 cumulative GPA, upper division, must be enrolled in following fall semester (scholarship awarded in spring)
March/April Varies


CSU IP and ISEP Scholarships

Scholarships & Eligibility  Deadlines Amount
CSUIP: General Scholarship 
Eligibility: Accepted to CSUIP; Selection based on Financial need & academic merit
Feb. 1st(Acad. Yr) May 1st(Cal. Yr) $500
CSUIP: Ghana Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to CSUIP's Ghana Program 
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr)  $1,000
CSUIP: Michelle Marriott Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to CSUIP's Aix-en-Provence Program
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr) $1,500
CSUIP: Ward Wallach Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to a CSUIP program in Japan
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr) $500
CSUIP: Baden-Württemberg Fellowship Program
Students accepted to a CSUIP Germany program will be provided instructions on applying 
Instructions will be provided to qualified students 400 Euros per month
CSUIP: Wang Family Scholarships
Eligibility: Accepted to a CSUIP program in China or Taiwan; Instructions will be provided in students' CSUIP applications
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr) $4,000
ISEP: Community Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to ISEP; financial need, traditionally underrepresent student in education abroad 
March (Fall/AY)
Oct. 1st (Spring)
ISEP: Founders Fellowship
Eligibility: Accepted to ISEP; financial need, traditionally underrepresented student in education abroad, project proposal demonstrating leadership
Oct. 1st (Spring)
ISEP: Annette Kade Scholarships 
Eligibility: Accepted to ISEP; Studying German or French in France, La Reunion, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or the French Antilles
April 4th  up to $1,000

ISEP: Massey University Scholarship

Eligibility: ISEP Direct nominee for Massey University in New Zealand

May (Fall) 
Nov. (Spring)
$1,000 NZ
ISEP: Kansai Gaidai University Scholarship
Eligibility: accepted to Kansai Gaidai Uni. through ISEP Direct, maintained a 3.0 GPA in the 2 semesters leading up to the program and through each semester of the program 
automatically applied if you meet the criteria $6,000