Faculty-Led Program Offerings


Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) are organized by SJSU faculty members to different parts of the world and are offered every winter, spring and summer break. Click the links below to explore the programs offered and complete the online application.

Winter and Spring 2021 programs and applications are now available! Summer 2021 programs and applications will be available in Fall 2020.

Review important information related to COVID-19 and Winter 2021 FLP programs here.



Winter Summer


Winter 2021 Program Change: COVID-19 Update

Effective July 21, 2020

Study Abroad and Away has determined that our winter FLP programs (January 2021) will not be traveling due to continuing concerns regarding COVID-19 and the safety of our students and faculty. We have been monitoring the CDC, WHO, and the U.S. Department of State advisories for all program locations and we have continuing concerns regarding safety issues, logistical considerations, and the inability to offer activities as planned. Therefore, we will be transitioning our winter FLPs to an online or hybrid format* to ensure that all applicants are able to take the courses they need to further their progress towards graduation. Each course will continue to focus on and incorporate international aspects of the topic at hand and will examine the subject matter through the unique lens of the original course location to the greatest extent possible. 

*Our Mexico and Costa Rica programs may operate in a hybrid format and have some in-person local activities, as allowed in accordance with local and state public health guidelines. 


In light of this decision, we will not be charging deposits for participation in our online FLPs this winter.  

What if you really want to travel? Do you want to move to an online FLP?

Each student who has applied for and been accepted into a winter FLP will be able to determine if they want to continue with the program, given the change in format. 

We recognize that many of you will still want to have an international experience. We want to be sure that you have this option available to you as well. The Study Abroad and Away team will be developing several Alternative Break Programs (ABP) for the spring and summer of 2021, that you can take advantage of moving forward. What is the difference between an FLP and an Alternative Break? An Alternative Break program is not linked to a course and does not receive academic credit. These programs focus on cultural immersion and experiential learning, and often include service-learning activities. Program locations for spring and summer ABPs will be revealed during the fall semester.

Have the program meeting times and dates changed?

Each program will have revised dates, which can be found on our list of winter programs and on the program pages within the Spartans Abroad Portal. Please check the program dates to be sure they work for your schedule.

Will the online FLP still fulfill the CHHS Global Requirement, even if I don’t travel abroad?

Yes it will! All winter FLPs online will meet the CHHS Global Requirement. If you choose not to participate in the online winter FLP course, you will need to complete your global requirement at a different time.

Have the deadlines for registration and payment changed?

The deadlines have been modified. Please visit our Application Deadlines page for the updated deadlines.

What does this mean for program cost?

Program costs will be reduced to not include the travel component. Please note the change in pricing reflected on the program pages found in the Spartans Abroad Portal. You will still pay SJSU tuition, since you will continue to receive credit for the online course. The $200 admin fee will also still be applicable in order to cover the necessary administrative costs. You will not be charged for the program fee*.

*Some programs that will offer local site visits or activities may have additional charges.