Spain and France: A Taste of Spain and France

Spain: A Taste of Spain


SUMMER 2020 ONLINE - June 1 - 24, 2020

Program Description 

Interested in....

  • learning how to cook Paella?
  • tasting Spanish olive oils?
  • Truffle hunting with a professional truffle hunter in Provence?
  • Learning about the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle?

If so, this may be the FLP for you!

On this FLP we will....

  • explore the amazing cities of Barcelona & Girona in Spain and Avignon, France
  • learn about all kinds of Mediterranean food specialties
  • marvel at art at the Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali Museums
  • taste artisanal cheeses produced in the region
  • walk through an olive production area and then taste the olive oil produced there
  • cook the Spanish dish Paella the local way
  • visit small medieval towns in the Catalan region of Spain
  • understand the importance of the architecture of Gaudi
  • immerse yourself in Catalan culture and food
  • visit the famous Costa Brava near the Greek ruins of Empuries
  • truffle hunt with a real Provençal truffle hunter and his dogs
  • taste fresh baked croissants, brioche, and other baked goods in Provence
  • examine the role of lavender in French food culture as well as aromatherapy

Spend a total of two weeks in Barcelona & Girona, Spain as well as Avignon, France! We will spend 10 days in Spain and 4 days in France immersing ourselves in these beautiful and complex food cultures. We will do all of the above and much more with our time abroad. Spain is known for their quality assurance of their foods and we will have the opportunity to learn first hand the processes involved in the production of Spanish champagne, rice, olive oil, cheeses, and chocolate. The Provence region of France is known for their truffles, rosé wines, tapenades, and much much more! This is an FLP for all of the senses!


**A note from the program leader**

The Spain/France FLP is expected to be a very popular program amongst SJSU students so I have prepared the following tip sheet to help you.

To improve your chances of being accepted:

  1. Apply as early in the cycle as possible. I do not wait until the application cycle has ended to start interviewing candidates so plan accordingly and apply early. The application will likely take you no longer than one hour. Interviews typically last 20 minutes.
  2. Attend the information session I have planned especially for students interested in this FLP.
  3. Email me once you have completed your application with a screenshot showing that you successfully completed it.
  4. Be on the lookout for communication from me once you have submitted your application. I prefer email as a mode of communication and the sooner you are able to respond to my emails the better!


NuFS 144 Food Culture - Consuming Passions (Area V) (3 units)

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Gain an appreciation for current beliefs and debates about cultural food habits within the larger framework of how different cultures, historically and geographically, express themselves and responded to environmental changes.
  • Create awareness and to develop an appreciation and understanding for how cultural traditions have influenced culture and society.
  • Interpret food as symbols, examine the historical impact of events on different cultures, and develop an appreciation for food as a transmission of culture.
  • Systematically compare and contrast the beliefs, values, and stances of different cultures with particular attention to their attitudes toward food and the impact those beliefs have had on American culture.


Completion of core GE, upper division standing (56 units), and passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST).

For students beginning continuous enrollment after Fall 2005 or later, completion of, or co registration in a 100W course is required for enrollment in all SJSU Studies Courses (Courses in Area R, S, and V). The 100W Writing Workshop fulfills the University SJSU Studies Requirement for Area Z. Courses to meet Area R, S, and V of SJSU Studies must be taken from three different departments or distinct academic units.




Program Leader: Deepa Singamsetti

Deepa Singamsetti, MS RD, received her Masters in Nutritional Science from San Jose State University and her BA in Psychology and Economics from the University of California at Davis. She has been teaching courses in the Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging at SJSU since 2008. She loves to teach and she loves to travel and leading Faculty-Led Programs allows her to do both. She has led two FLPs to Puerto Rico and three FLPs to Spain. She is excited to lead the Summer 2020 Taste of Spain & France FLP. 





It is important to note that each program's total cost will vary depending on the location and the package it offers.  

$750 SJSU Special Session Tuition ($250 per unit)
$200 Administrative Fee 
$3,535  Program fees, lodging, class materials and class related tours approximately*
$4,485  Total Program Cost


* Airfare is not included. Students will need approximately $300-$500 for outside costs.


"My experience with the Faculty Led Program in Spain taught me to challenge my taste buds, immerse myself in another culture, and improve my social skills. My favorite memory was walking through the streets Barcelona and viewing the beautiful architecture and art that was displayed throughout the city. No matter what major you are, by joining this FLP program you will gain confidence, improve your perspective on the world, and challenge you to learn about yourself." - Kimberly Segura

"The Spain FLP was one of the best academic and cultural experiences that I have ever had at SJSU because it allowed me to learn about Spanish food culture and environmental nutrition in a holistic way while building relationships with a diverse cohort of peers at SJSU who I may have never met otherwise. Our faculty leader, Deepa Singamsetti, has a unique talent for planning itineraries that maximize your time in a foreign country and provide you with various opportunities to indulge in the culture more deeply. Every day, we had structured yet flexible agendas that ensured hands-on learning experiences through private tours and educational sessions (e.g. a chocolate tasting session at the Chocolate Museum, a cooking lesson at a local Spain harbor, and a scavenger hunt in the beautiful city of Girona). For students considering an FLP, I implore you to apply for this program because I guarantee that you will have an amazing and impactful experience with memories that will last a lifetime!" - Rae-Ann Santos

"This trip and class exceeded my expectations in many different ways. This experience was jammed packed activities and tangible lessons that I knew I would have never had the chance to do in a traditional classroom, or simply traveling on my own. We participated in a Paella cooking class, and stayed in a 1,000 year old convent for a week with amazingly friendly nuns that cooked for us using ingredients from their garden! I knew in that moment that this was a very special experience. We met with local farmers and producers who taught us about how Spain's history and culture has shaped the way food is both consumed and produced in the country. As a business major, I didn't think I would get much "business" insight from this FLP, but I was very wrong. Among many things, I gained a first-hand understanding that in order to do business with cultures other than my own special effort needs to be made in order to understand their history and why they may live a certain lifestyle, or have different values. More importantly, what it is truly like being an outsider in a foreign country. I am very grateful to Deepa and our guide Ivan for helping give me the best experience that I have had at SJSU thus far." - Kaitlyn Becchina

"I would recommend the Spain FLP to students because they will get plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in the Catalan food and culture, such as visiting food markets and a chocolate museum. The cooking class will provide students the hands on experience by learning to cook a traditional Spanish cuisine. They will also visit many art museums and learn about its history and the reasons why Gaudi’s artwork became important in Barcelona. Studying abroad in Spain is an experience like no other. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that students will remember as part of their college journey, which will help them to expand their horizons." - Magali Yanez