Student Policies

Student Handbook

All participants are expected to review the Student Handbook and learn more about our program policies, pre-departure planning, and travel tips. 

Student Handbook (PDF)

Safety and Security

Each program will register all participants with STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) to receive up-to-date travel warnings and advice for specific locations. View more information here:

Each program provides detailed information with location-specific safety information. Participants should follow all recommendations. This includes information about emergency gathering points, on-site contact information and SJSU contact information.

You should always avoid demonstrations and protests while on program, as even peaceful ones can sometimes turn violent.


Traveling during the Faculty-Led Program (FLP): For programs that include free time, you must provide all travel plans in advance. Additionally, if you choose to travel independently during your scheduled FLP, you cannot travel further than 2-3 hours distance from the program site within the host country. This is to ensure that we can have participants gather on short notice if an emergency were to occur in the region. When an emergency happens, transportation and borders are likely to be closed for an indefinite period of time; for this reason, participants traveling outside of the program site must remain within the host country.

Traveling before or after the Faculty-Led Program (FLP): You will be able to travel independently before or after the FLP, but we strongly advise you to discuss any independent travel plans with your families and others that you rely upon before making any concrete plans.

During free time, we strongly advise that you do not go out alone. We suggest that you travel in smaller groups of 3 or 4 people, rather than individually or in large groups.

University Policies

Participants must abide by San Jose State University (SJSU) policies, including the SJSU Student Code of Conduct (found online here), while enrolled in the program. You may be subject to disciplinary action upon return to campus for violations of those policies.

Alcohol and Drugs

As a participant in an SJSU Faculty-Led Program, you must abide by host country laws, local institutional regulations, and program rules with respect to alcohol and other drugs. Unless permitted by host country law, local institutional regulations, and the program leaders, you will not possess, consume, furnish or distribute any alcoholic beverages. 

You are responsible for knowing and obeying the laws of the host country, as well as all local institutional regulations, and the rules of your specific program regarding alcohol and other drugs.

The use of illegal drugs on SJSU Faculty-Led Programs is prohibited (even in locations where drugs may be legal), just as it is on campus. You must understand that violations of law or policy may result in:

(i)    immediate dismissal from the program;

(ii)   academic withdrawal from the University for the semester in progress; and

(iii)  disciplinary action upon return to campus.

Alcohol and drug misuse and abuse are not tolerated anywhere in the world and will not be tolerated on SJSU Faculty-Led Programs.

Host Country Customs

You are expected to abide by the laws and customs of the host country, community, institution and program. You must be sensitive to the social mores of the host culture. You are subject to the disciplinary codes and processes of any host institution(s) and providers of contracted services.

Being sensitive to cultural customs of the host country may include, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • dressing appropriately for the host culture;
  • being respectful of local guides, hosts and other community members with whom you may interact as part of your program's curriculum;
  • respecting property of individuals, businesses and institutions in the host country

Local hosts will view your behavior as a reflection of San Jose State University.

Spouses/Partners, Children, Parents

Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) are for registered San Jose State University participants only. Spouses/partners, children and parents may not participate on, overlap with or plan personal/family travel experiences with you during a Faculty-Led program. If such a person affiliated with a participant engages with and/or disrupts the program, it will be grounds for dismissal. All participants on an FLP must be taking a course for credit, per Executive Order 1081.

On-Site Lodging

You are required to reside in the lodging that is arranged by your Faculty-Led Program. If you wish to arrive prior to, or stay after, your program dates, you are responsible for making your own lodging arrangements. You cannot stay in alternative lodging (even if you pay for the lodging independently) at any point during the program.

Program-Specific Additions

Individual SJSU Faculty-Led Programs may, in conjunction with the Study Abroad and Away office, establish additional rules and policies regarding issues specific to that program. Participants will be responsible for reading and understanding these additional rules and agree to abide by them while participating in the program.

Purchasing Plane Tickets

Students should not purchase airline tickets until all of the group members are registered in their Faculty-Led Program (FLP) course and have paid the entire program fee. Unfortunately, FLP courses may be canceled if enrollment is insufficient to provide appropriate instruction or if contracts with service providers are incomplete before the start of the course registration. If a course is canceled, tuition fees will be refunded. However, SJSU is not responsible for refunding any personal expenses (e.g. flights, spending money, etc.) if the program is canceled for any reason. Airfare and other individual expenses are the responsibility of the student. 

To be able to get the best airfare, you need to register for your FLP course and make full payment by the stated deadlines. Failure to meet the deadlines can delay all other participants' ability to buy their plane tickets.

*Policies are subject to change.