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Program Description 

Utrecht is an incredibly green city where you can get around by affordable public transportation or (like most Dutch students) on your bike! The city is a smaller more affordable version of Amsterdam, lined with canals, loads of students (there are three major universities in Utrecht), and overflowing with history and culture. If you can't keep busy in Utrecht, zip up to Amsterdam on a 30 minute train trip. The Netherlands (Holland) is located nicely in Europe to allow for lots of exploration in your free time. But of course, if you want to stay in Utrecht for the weekends you can always go on a cycling tour of the city, night canoeing in the canals, or on an excursion to Delft or the Hague.

Meet new friends, learn about stroopwafel, windmills, cheese, bikes, and more!

  • Take courses with students from around the world
  • Go night canoeing along the Utrecht canals
  • Ride your bike through beautiful parks
  • Discover the city alongside your classmates on a puzzling scavenger hunt


Updated: February 27, 2020. The following Utrecht courses have been pre-approved for the specific SJSU major, minor, or GE requirements. Additional courses will be posted here as they are approved by the respective SJSU Deans or Department Chairs. Costs vary based on course and any additional fees.

History of Art: A Thousand Years of European Highlights

Dates: July 5 - August 14, 2020

Stay in three of Europe's most wonderful cities, cover some 2000 years of Western art, visit all the relevant museums and sites and yet feel like you’ve done more than just skim the surface? The European Highlights combines a broad approach with profound analysis over the period of six weeks in Florence, Utrecht and Berlin. Seize this opportunity to travel back through time and through some of Europe's most incredible museums in only one summer!

SJSU Courses: ARTH 196  AND  ARTH 189B  or  ARTH 196  AND ARTH 187A; GE Area V

SJSU Units: 6

Tuition: $1,500
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $4,995

Total: $6,695

Notes: You will fly into Florence, Italy and fly out of Berlin, Germany.


The Making of Europe

Dates: July 5 - August 14, 2020

Dive into the thrilling history of Europe and its role on the world stage, studying in three of the most exciting cities of Europe: Rome, Utrecht and Berlin! The three combined courses, designed by three excellent European universities, will provide an exciting overview of the history and workings of Europe. Immerse yourself in Europe’s history and culture and visit many of the tangible remains during excursions.

SJSU Courses: HIST 104  AND  HIST 124  or  HIST 114  AND  HIST 124 AND  GE Area V

SJSU Units: 8

Tuition: $2,000
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $4,735

Total: $6,935

Notes: You will fly into Rome, Italy and fly out of The Netherlands


Founding Europe: From Antiquity to the 19th Century

Dates: July 5 - 31, 2020

Come and study in two of the most exciting cities of Europe: Rome and Utrecht! You will dive into the exhilarating history of Europe, from the rise of civilization in Antiquity to the modern era of the nineteenth century. The two combined courses will provide you with a thorough knowledge of the history of these cities and nations, as well as an exciting overview of the history and workings of Europe.

SJSU Course: HIST 145 AND  GE Area V

SJSU Units: 4 

Tuition: $1,000
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $3,225

Total: $4,425

Notes: You will fly into Rome, Italy and Fly out of The Netherlands


Europe as a Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry

Dates: July 19 - August 7, 2020

This course will focus on Europe as a business place. In the first week we will look at the European Union as a business network and ecosystem using case studies and a two-day simulation. In the second week students will work on trends and business in the fashion and design industry. This part of the course is situated in Italy and students are immersed in the Italian culture and economy to work on a case study. In the third week students are back in Utrecht, where they will finalize their understanding of the trends and issues regarding international business. 

SJSU Course: BUS5 164A

SJSU Units: 3 

Tuition: $750
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $2,625

Total: $3,575

Notes: You will fly in and out of The Netherlands, Includes a trip to Italy


Healthy Aging

Dates: July 5 - 17, 2020

This two week course will inform you - from a different perspective - about the factors that keep older people healthy and participating in society. In this multidisciplinary course on healthy aging we focus on a better understanding of the aging process, the prevention of functional decline and preservation of autonomy. 

SJSU Course: HS/GERO 108

SJSU Units: 3

Tuition: $750
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $1,345

Total: $2,295


Rehabilitation of the Hand

Dates: July 5 - 17, 2020

This course is intended for students and recent graduates in physiotherapy and related fields interested in hand therapy. For those interested in pursuing a career in hand therapy this course will provide an excellent foundation. For others, it will provide a solid base of knowledge for occasional 'hand patients'. The purpose of this two-week summer course is to provide participants with knowledge and skills of the most common diseases, injuries and surgeries of the hand and wrist. 

SJSU Course: OCTH 210ITL

SJSU Units: 3

Tuition: $750
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $1,345

Total: $2,295


Interpersonal Collaboration in Stroke Management

Dates: July 5 - 17, 2020

In this summer school you work in multidisciplinary groups (e.g. medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and speech-language therapy). You will start from your own profession and knowledge about diagnosis and treatment of the problems of patients after stroke. Then you learn how to prepare and participate in multidisciplinary discussions and rounds. You enlarge your knowledge about stroke and other professions. For this we use the the ICF-system (International classification of functioning, disability and health,

SJSU Course: OCTH 210ITL

SJSU Units: 3

Tuition: $750
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $1,295

Total: $2,245


21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals

Dates: July 5 - 17, 2020

Nursing-, physiotherapy-, medicine- and allied healthcare workers must deal with the challenges of a continuously changing world. In this course students learn to work in an international multi-disciplinary team, acquire new skills (21st century skills) and will get familiar with the state-of-the-art in health-care technology. This in relation to global challenges of the 21st century health-care problems like lifestyle-related illnesses (diabetics, metabolic syndrome) and concepts of pain in biological, physical,  mental, social, nutricion, polyfarmacy in (inter)cultural context. 

SJSU Course: OCTH 210ITL  or  NURS 180  or  NUFS 180  or  SCWK 180

SJSU Units: 2

Tuition: $500
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $1,350

Total: $2,050


Pediatric Sport and Exercise Medicine

Dates: July 12 - 17, 2020

Exercise is Medicine for healthy children as well as for children with chronic disease. This course will give a thorough introduction in paediatric sport and exercise medicine. During this week we will summarize the current evidence regarding clinical pediatric exercise physiology and the role of exercise as medicine. Moreover skills will be practiced regarding anthropometrics, exercise testing, and test interpretation. We will also give a workshop about how to measure physical activity.

SJSU Course: KIN 180

SJSU Units: 1

Tuition: $250
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $1,065

Total: $1,515


Data Science

Dates: July 5 - 24, 2020

(You will take the following 3 courses at Utrecht. Upon completion you will earn a Data Science specialization certificate from Utrecht University. )

Statistical Programming with R

R is rapidly becoming the standard platform for data analysis. This course offers an elaborate introduction into statistical programming in R. Students learn to operate R, form pipelines for data analysis, make high quality graphics, fit, assess and interpret a variety of statistical models and do advanced statistical programming. The statistical theory in this course covers t-testing, regression models for linear, dichotomous, ordinal and multivariate data, statistical inference, statistical learning, bootstrapping and Monte Carlo simulation techniques.

Multiple Imputation in Practice

This 4-day course teaches you the basics in solving your own missing data problems appropriately. Participants will learn how to form imputation models, how to combine data sets, how to model non-response, how to use diagnostics to inspect the imputed values, how to obtain valid inference on incomplete data and how to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with real-life missing data problems.

Data Analysis

The course offers a range of statistical techniques and algorithms from statistics, machine learning and data mining to make predict future events and uncover hidden structures in data. The course has a strong practical focus; participants actively learn how to apply these techniques to real data and how to interpret their results. The course covers both classical and modern topics in data analysis


SJSU Course: ECON 298

SJSU Units: 3

Tuition: $750
Admin Fee: $200
Program Fee: $3,405

Total: $4,355



"Going on this program was my favorite part of graduate school thus far!"

"I loved engaging with classmates from all over the world!"

"I really enjoyed the class and intercultural learning experience. I would highly recommend the program."

"My class was comprised of 19 Dutch and 10 international students and the Dutch students planned frequent afterschool gatherings in parks, pools, restaurants, etc. to immerse us into their world and build relationships with us."



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Important travel information

Depending on the course you are taking, you may need to book airfare into and out of different cities(see chart of these courses below). For example a program may start in Berlin and end in Rome so you would need to fly in to Berlin at the start of the program and out of Rome at the end. Travel between the start and end locations is included in the program so you will not need to book anything between the start and end locations. See Utrecht course descriptions for more detail. If you have questions or are unsure, please contact us to help prior to booking your airfare.

Course Starts in Ends in
History of Art: A Thousand Years of European Highlights Florence Berlin
The Making of Europe Rome Utrecht
Founding Europe: From Antiquity to the 19th Century Rome Utrecht