Short Term FAQs


Can I apply to multiple programs?

Students can only apply to one program at a time.

However, some students may wish to participate in more than one program. You will need to contact SAA directly to discuss this option. If you are planning to enroll in two programs, make sure the program dates do not overlap. Email SAA at

What are the requirements to apply?

Faculty-Led Programs and Summer School Abroad programs differ from semester/year-long study abroad programs in that they may not require items such as recommendation letters in order to apply; however, some FLPs/SSAs will have have specific prerequisites/requirements.

For example, programs offering SJSU Studies courses in Area R, S, and V will require the following, which applicants will need to complete at the time of the application submission:

a. Completion of core General Education (GE)

b. Satisfaction of the Writing Skill Test (WST) 

c. Upper Division Standing 

Some programs may also require completion of prerequisite courses. 

The program I am interested in requires passing of the WST and I am planning to take the WST before the application deadline, can I still apply?

You can submit your application. Your application for the program will be scanned for the WST eligibility after the application cycle is close. Your WST should be posted in your student record by that time. 

What is the process for submitting my application if I am not a SJSU student?

Non-matriculated SJSU students can apply to programs and will be enrolled as Open University (OU) students upon acceptance. OU students will go through the same FLP/SSA application process. 

For upper division General Education courses that have prerequisites, such as the WST (Writing Skills Test), Open University students must show proof of having passed an equivalent test or have taken a similar course to SJSU courses that demonstrates passing of the test. Open University students will also need to complete additional documents once accepted:

Non-Matriculated, Open University, and J-1 Visa Students Taking SJSU
Studies Courses for Non-GE Credit Form:

Non-Matriculated, Open U Students Taking Advanced GE Courses for Non-GE Credit

Do not complete the form above until you are accepted to the program. By completing this form, you agree that should you ever matriculate at SJSU, you may NOT use this course for SJSU Studies credit.

What are the lodging/housing accommodations?

Housing arrangements are typically made for the group. If you have special requirements, please check with the program leader. 

What is the breakdown of the program cost?

The FLP/SSA website lists the cost for all programs. For each program, there is a $200 administrative fee and a tuition fee of $250 per unit. Program fees vary depending on the destination and what is included (for example: airfare/meals/lodging etc.).

Some programs will have airfare (either for local flights once you reach your destination or for the flight to your destination) included in the program's total cost, which may make the programs seem more expensive than others.

Matriculated SJSU students and Open University students will pay the same program cost.

Can I apply to participate in an FLP/SSA if I will officially graduate in May?

If you are planning to not use the units toward your graduation requirement and will be officially graduating in May, you can submit your application. If accepted to the program, your enrollment will be categorized as Open University since the course will run in the summer. Please note that you will not be able to use these units toward another degree program once you are enrolled as an Open University student.

Can I apply if I am currently a freshman?

We recommend sending an email to and let us know which program you are interested in submitting an application. While there may be programs open to all academic levels, some programs do require applicants to be in upper division standing in order to apply.

Will I be able to use my Financial Aid towards my program?

Undergraduate students may be able to use their Financial Aid toward the FLP/SSA if they are planning to take a minimum 6 units during the summer session. Graduate students may be able to use their Financial Aid toward the program if they are planning to take a minimum 4 units during the summer session. 

The Financial Aid disbursed for the Summer FLP/SSA is part of your Financial Aid award for the academic year (Fall and Spring), so be sure to save some of your Financial Aid for the summer if you plan to participate in an FLP/SSA. For more information on Financial Aid eligibility and process, please contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to find out the process of allocating Financial Aid award toward your Summer FLP/SSA.


Carol A. Garcia
Special Programs Coordinator
Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Are there scholarship opportunities for FLP/SSA participants?

Students are encouraged to contact directly with their college to see if there are scholarship opportunities for students participating in an FLP/SSA. Or visit our Scholarships pages for more details.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

The FLP program leader(s)/SAA Office will evaluate the applications. Part of the evaluation process may also include an interview and/or additional responses to the program's questionnaire. Some programs will evaluate applications as they come in while other programs will review all applications together at once.

How will I be notified of my acceptance to my program?

If you are accepted to a program, you will receive an email from Study Abroad and Away with instructions on the next steps of the process as well as payment deadlines. 

How do I register for the FLP/SSA class?

  1. Submit the program application.
  2. Put down the non-refundable deposit. Accepted students will receive the official acceptance email with payment instruction and deadlines for making the deposit.
  3. Once the course has the final approval, you will receive an email notifying you when your FLP/SSA course registration is open. You will have a window of time, from the date of the notice to the stated deadline, to register for your program course online through your MySJSU account.

How do I register for the FLP/SSA course that falls outside of my program of study (major)?

Before applying, check with your academic advisor to determine where the FLP/SSA fits in with your program of study (major), and if there are any academic requirements /prerequisites such as the WST before submitting your application.

In some cases, you may need a special permission number from the Program Leader if the course falls outside your program of study once it is time to register.

Most FLPs/SSAs are open to all majors and many fulfill upper division GE requirements. 

When is final payment due?

Payment due dates are listed on the Application Process webpage.

Can I participate in the without taking the SJSU course?

FLPs/SSAs are academic programs with each program connected to an SJSU course. Participants must be enrolled in the SJSU course(s) in order to participate in the FLP/SSA. 

How can I request for an official transcript after I have completed the course as an Open University (OU) student?

Click on the following link to order the transcript online. Please read the instruction carefully on the website for the process.


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