Application Process

Follow the 8-step S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. process below to research, choose and apply for your next global learning experience!

1) STUDY: Learn About Study Abroad & Away

Start by learning about the mission, vision, and learning outcomes for the Study Abroad & Away office. Next, view the Study Abroad & Away 101 video to learn essential information about study abroad and away. All students should watch the video before applying for a program. You can also plan to participate in Study Abroad Week activities to learn about upcoming study abroad and away opportunities. Join our Interest List to hear about other events, info sessions, workshops, and meetups related to studying abroad, and visit our Events Calendar to select events that are of interest to you.


2) PREPARE: Identify Your Goals

Think about what your goals and priorities are for a study abroad or away experience. What do you want to accomplish personally, academically or professionally? What type of learning environment do you prefer? Are there particular regions you are interested in or academic offerings you are looking for? How long do you want to be away? Use this worksheet to identify your goals and think through your program preferences, which will help guide your program search and planning.


3) Seek ADVICE: Meet with Study Abroad & Away 

We recommend students meet with a Study Abroad & Away Advisor to discuss their goals and program options. Visit the Contact Us page to set up an advising appointment with one of our staff based on your interests. Next, create an account on the Spartans Abroad Portal (SAP) with your SJSU ID and password to fill out a brief form to prepare for your appointment.  


4) RESEARCH Programs

Use the search filters on the Spartans Abroad Portal (SAP) to choose the program that best fits your personal, academic and professional goals. You can click on the "Save" icon for each program that interests you in order to save to your account and revisit later. You will need to have already created an account in SAP to save your preferences by logging in with your SJSU ID and passwordSearch by location, by keyword, or additional criteria here.


5) TALK with your Academic Advisor

Meet with your Academic Advisor to determine what programs offer courses that would fulfill graduation requirements and how they fit into your overall degree plan.


6) APPLY: Complete and Submit Application

Once you've selected a program to apply to, click the “Apply Now” button on the program's page within the Spartans Abroad Portal. Create an account, complete a program-specific questionnaire and submit any other required documents to complete your application. Be sure to review any course prerequisites or other eligibility criteria before submitting. You can only apply to one program per term.


7) NOW WHAT?: Steps to Take While Awaiting Decision

Be on the lookout for a decision email from to the email address you entered on your application. While awaiting the decision, you may want to start working on these needed items for study abroad or away:

  • Passport: Apply or renew your passport if the expiration date is less than 6 months from the end of your program.
  • Finances: Meet with the study abroad specialist at the Financial Aid Office to understand your financial aid package and what you can use to cover your study abroad expenses. Make sure to also check out and apply for study abroad scholarships! Review the program costs on the program brochure in SAP and discuss the program expenses with your parents/guardians.
  • Writing Skills Test (WST): If you would like to take upper division courses abroad, you will need to complete and pass the Writing Skills Test (WST)* before you leave for your study abroad program. Visit the WST website to learn how to fulfill that requirement.

*SJSU has temporarily suspended offering the Writing Skills Test (WST) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students are instead instructed to complete a Directed Self Placement alternative. View more information here.


8) SATISFY Requirements

Once you are accepted into a program, you will need to log into your Spartans Abroad Portal account to see the checklist of required documents and actions to complete. Failure to complete the requirements may lead to program disqualification. View these pages for more details on the requirements for Faculty-Led Programs, Summer School Abroad and Alternative Break Programs.