Long-Term FAQs

Can I apply to more than one study abroad program?
Yes, you may apply to more than one type of program, for example, one SJSU Exchange program and one CSU IP program, but you cannot apply to multiple locations within one type of program (e.g., you cannot apply to two different SJSU Exchange programs). However, when you apply for a study abroad program, you can list alternative options in case you are not accepted to your first choice (e.g., if you are applying to a SJSU Exchange, you may list a second or third choice for a SJSU Exchange in case you are not accepted to your first choice).


Can I study abroad more than once?
Definitely, as long as your degree permits it and you are able to complete your requirements in time for graduation.


What are my housing options abroad?

For SJSU Exchanges and CSU IP programs, you have the freedom to choose your own type of housing: apartment, dormitory, etc. based on the options available at your location. For ISEP programs, housing is usually on-campus and included in the program fee. Housing is guaranteed for most programs!


Where can I find out more information about studying abroad?
Attend one of the weekly study abroad information sessions! The schedule for these sessions is located here.


Who can I speak to if I have specific study abroad questions?
For answers to specific questions, make an appointment with a Study Abroad Coordinator.


Is there financial aid or scholarships for study abroad?
Yes! Both financial aid and scholarships are available for students studying abroad. There are even scholarships specifically for study abroad students! See the Finances page for more information.


 Can graduate students study abroad?
Yes, but the course offerings abroad may not include graduate level courses. Be sure to check this first and consult with your academic advisor about your plans to study abroad. We do have one program specific for graduate students in Occupational Therapy at JAMK in Finland!


Can F-1 International students study abroad?
Yes! If you are an international student at SJSU and want to study abroad, be sure to speak with an ISSS Advisor before applying. 


Can I study abroad the semester I plan to graduate?
Yes, seniors are eligible to study abroad in the final semester of their degree as long as they can meet all their graduation requirements through course offerings at the host university. Seniors should plan ahead and work closely with their academic advisors to select the appropriate program and coursework.

Graduating seniors should prepare graduation applications prior to departure for their study abroad program and meet with a graduation evaluator. Students should be aware that it generally takes 1–3 months for host institutions to send the participants’ transcripts to the SJSU Study Abroad and Away department. Some programs can take longer which will cause delays in completing graduation applications. If this is the case, graduating seniors may consider walking in the graduation ceremony even though they will not receive their actual diploma until the following semester because of the delay in transferring grades from abroad.


I want to study abroad for an academic year, but in different locations each semester. Can I do this? 
Yes, you will have to complete two different applications and be accepted into both programs. Many Spartans have done this in the past. 


Can I take an online class at SJSU while I am abroad?
Yes, you can. However, you need to make sure you are enrolled in at least 12 SJSU units at the host university in addition to the online SJSU course.