Is there financial aid for Summer Session?

Effective July 2017, the federal government implemented the Year-Round Pell Grant program. Courses can all be taken in one summer session or you can take three units in each session. If you have questions on whether you are eligible to use the Pell Grant in the summer or if it is the right financial decision for you, contact fao@sjsu.edu.



Can I register online if I want to take a graduate level/200-level course?

No, you will need to complete the Registration Form and submit it to the Graduate Admission and Program Evaluation (GAPE) counter, window G in the Student Services Center or fax to 408.924.2477 for approval.

Is there any discounts or fee waivers for Summer Session?

No, Summer Session is a self-support program. No discounts or fee waivers are available.


Why am I not being refunded for campus fee when I only take online classes?

Class and Campus Closure


How to drop a course?

Visit the How to Drop section, for more information.

How to pay?

Visit the Payment section, for more information about how to pay.

How to register?

Visit the Registration section, for more information on how to register. Most students should be able to register online through MySJSU; however, if you are unable to register online, you can register using the Registration Form.

How to register for a course with a prerequisite as an Open University/Non-SJSU student?

If you received a permission number from the ​instructor or ​department​​, you may use that number to register for the class online at MySJSU. If you have completed the test prerequisite at another university, you will need to complete the paper Registration Form, attach a proof of meeting the requirement, and send the form and document to the Office of Registrar.

If you are unable to complete the registration online. You will need to complete the paper Registration Form ​with instructor's signature or permission number and send the completed form to the Office of Registrar.

Please contact grad-undergrad-programs@sjsu.edu or thalia.anagnos@sjsu.edu if you have a MATH test prerequisite that was completed at another and university and need approval to register.

How to register for Summer Session if I'm an incoming Freshman for the Fall?

You will need to register using the the paper Registration Form and will be registering as an Open University student for the Summer Session.

See student Tutorials for how to view student center, make pay ment, enroll or drop a class, etc. in your PeopleSoft account.

How to register to retake a class during Summer Session?

Students interested in repeating a course can register now through Monday, April 27. After April 27, students repeating a course may send an email request to the Registrar's Office at registrar@sjsu.edu. The email should include name, ID, course name, catalog, section, and the number of times the course has been taken. Students repeating a class two times or more need to complete the petition form and send it through Docusign or email it to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@sjsu.edu.

How to view enrollment appointment in your MySJSU account?

See the Tutorials for Students on MySJSU for instruction.

What is an SJSU ID number?

An SJSU ID number is assigned to all students. Use it to access registration and grades as well as other functions and on forms as identified. If you have forgotten your log in or password, click on MySJSU Help on one.sjsu.edu or email ithelpdesk@sjsu.edu .

What is Summer Session?

Summer Session is a self-support inter-session offered between the Spring and Fall semesters, including degree credit courses and some short courses. Enrollment is not limited to full-time and part-time SJSU students. Any adult member of the community is eligible to enroll.

Who is considered an Open University student?

Students who are not currently attending SJSU are considered Open University students and can take SJSU classes through Open University.

Who may attend?

Classes are open to college and university students, high school graduates and other adults from the community. You do not have to be accepted to San José State University to attend this session.

Admission to the University?

Enrollment in this session does not assure admission to San José State University. If you plan to work toward a degree or credential at San José State University, or wish to continue in attendance either full-time or part-time during the spring, summer or fall semesters, you must apply for admission. If you are interested in formal admission, contact the Admissions Office at 408.283.7500.

Why am I not being refunded for campus fees even though I am not on campus?

The campus remains open, and the fees support a multitude of purposes. 

Since 2016, the Student Union building was completely renovated, and the new Student Wellness and Spartan Recreation & Aquatic Centers were built. These facilities were supported by long-term loans similar to a mortgage that are being repaid by Student Union and Student Health Facility fee revenues.

The Student Union fee also supports operation of the building, which remains open. Student Health fees support operating the Student Wellness Center, which is also still serving students. Student Success, Excellence & Technology (SSET) fees provide for course materials and advising services that are more important than ever in our current situation. 

We are working quickly to develop plans for deploying $14 million in federal CARES support to students. This aid, rather than fee reductions, will provide students with some relief while still ensuring SJSU’s ongoing operations are sustained.