How to Drop?

Complete the drop process by the drop deadline either by dropping online on MySJSU account or filing a Petition for Course Drop and submit to Academic Advising and Retention Services electronically. Refer to the Summer Calendar to identify which drop method, what signatures are required and whether an academic withdrawal penalty applies. Leaving a course without authorization will result in a WU (F) grade.

For more information see instructions on the Petition for Course Drop.  

Student Services Center (SSC)
Academic Advising & Retention Services

See update instructions on how to submit form due to the current Coronavirus. 


Phone operator hours:
Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-4:30pm

Petition for Course Drop Instruction

You can use the following forms to drop your class(es) if you are unable to drop online at MySJSU. Be sure to use the latest form available on the Academic Advising & Retention Services website.