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Academic Preparation and Placement in Written Communication and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Courses

The CSU has transformed academic preparation in an effort to provide all first-time freshman the opportunity and support needed to be successful in college-level coursework. The Office of Supported Instruction provides information needed to help guide students through the new approach to assessment of student preparation, placement in General Education (GE) written communication and math/quantitative reasoning courses, and the Early Start Program.

At SJSU we offer a variety of instructional opportunities in the GE written communication and mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses. The knowledge and skill students develop in these courses are foundational to success in all college studies.

Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

To ensure the most appropriate enrollment option for student’s freshman-level math/quantitative reasoning course, entering freshman are assigned a mathematics/quantitative reasoning enrollment category (M-I, M-II, M-III, M-IV). Enrollment categories are based on multiple factors including, grade point average, completed high school coursework, transfer-level coursework, and scores on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, CAASPP/EAP, and Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examinations.

Written Communication

Entering freshman are assigned a written communication enrollment category (W-I, W-II, W-III, W-IV), just as with mathematics/quantitative reasoning. The enrollment categories are informational because at SJSU students choose their course plan in writing based on two factors: the need for supplemental instruction and academic major. Entry-level students can choose between two versions of the same course: English 1A (one semester) and English 1AF and 1AS (a two-semester sequence that provides enhanced instruction). Any student may choose to take either option based on their work in the Reflection on College Writing.


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