What is Supported Instruction at SJSU?  

Supported Instruction helps guide students in their first-year GE area A2 written communication and GE area B4 math/quantitative reasoning courses. Providing the resources and skills needed to be successful, through various types of support.

What are the various types of supported instruction offered at SJSU?  
  • Stretch courses - a two-semester sequence (Fall/Spring) that presents a built-in review of pre-baccalaureate topics

  • Co-requisite courses - a 1 unit college level or pre-baccalaureate course that is taken concurrently with a GE math/quantitative reasoning course

  • Labs, workshops, and activities

  • Tutorial services and counseling services

What is the difference between the “S” and “W” course?  
  • The “S” course reviews background material and provides the additional support needed to be successful. Students who indicate the need for additional support in math (enrollment categories M-III and M-IV) are required to enroll in the co-requisite “S” course. While it is optional for students with an M-II enrollment category.

  • The “W” courses are workshops specifically designed to help all students excel in their math course while laying the groundwork for success in future math courses. Most work is done in groups.

What is an enrollment category?  

The enrollment category is used to determine the appropriate General Education (GE) area A2 writing course and GE area B4 math/QR course based on multiple factors including, grade point average, completed high school coursework, transfer-level coursework, and scores on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, CAASPP/EAP, and Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examinations as well as your intended major.

Why is this enrollment category important?  

To ensure the most appropriate enrollment option for student’s freshman-level math/QR and writing course, considering the knowledge and skill developed in these courses are foundational to student success in all college studies.

When will students receive notification regarding the enrollment categories?

  All students will be notified in mid-May via MySJSU messaging. Please note that the enrollment category may change as we continue to receive final high school transcripts, test scores, and transfer coursework.

How can I determine the accuracy of my math enrollment category?


Identify your math enrollment category by using the appropriate flowchart below:

How can I verify my writing enrollment category is accurate?


Use the flowchart below to identify your writing enrollment category:

Who can I contact if I have questions about my enrollment category?  

Email your questions to supportedinstruction@sjsu.edu. Make sure to include your full name and SJSU ID number.

What if I feel that my assigned mathematics enrollment category is not accurate. Can I appeal my math enrollment category?  

Yes, if you have new or missing academic information that was NOT considered in the original determination, such as transfer coursework taken and/or submitted after the transcript deadline or test scores sent after the official test score deadline. Please refer to our Enrollment Category Appeals Process for more information.

When should I enroll in GE area A2 (written communication) and/or B4 (math/quantitative reasoning) courses?  

All students in enrollment categories II, III, and IV must enroll in GE area A2 and B4 courses in their first year of enrollment and must remain continuously enrolled in A2 and B4 courses until these GE requirements are met. Students in enrollment category IV are required to enroll in their first semester, while it is recommended for students in enrollment category III.

What happens if I don’t satisfy the GE Area A2 and/or B4 requirement in the first year?  

Students who do not satisfy the requirement within their first year (including summer) will be placed on Administrative Academic Probation (AAP) at the start of the second year. Please refer to the Expectations for Completion of GE Area A2 and B4 for more information.

How can I clear the Administrative Academic Probation (AAP)?  

Students may clear their AAP status by completing an A2 and/or B4 course with a grade of C- or better at SJSU or a community college. Those who do will be removed from AAP. Note: most community colleges require you to apply to the school and take a placement test before registering.

What if I do not complete the GE Area A2 and/or B4 requirement in the second year?  

Students who do not complete GE area A2 and/or B4 by the end of the second year (including summer) will be withdrawn from the university under Administrative Academic Disqualification (AADQ) and will need to re-apply as an upper-division transfer student. Please refer to the Expectations for Completion of GE Area A2 and B4 for more information.


CSU Policy Documents

Executive Order 1110 [pdf]

CSU Executive Order 1110 Summary Sheet

CSU Chancellor's Coded Memorandum [pdf]