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Executive Order 1110 Outcomes at SJSU

The CSU Board of Trustees adopted Executive Order 1110 in November 2017. This policy replaced traditional remediation with supplemental instruction in the form of college-level, baccalaureate support courses. Since 2017, the number of SJSU students who have completed their General Education A2 writing and B4 quantitative reasoning courses by the end of their first year of college has increased dramatically. Click on the graphic below for more information.

Completion of First-Year GE Writing and Math/QR Requirements

EO 1110 AT SJSU|Completion of First-Year GE Writing and Math/QR Requirements


Before Fall 2018

·        Students were placed into remedial math and writing classes.

·        Remedial classes took up to a year to complete.

·        Remedial class units did not count towards graduation.

·        Students who did not complete remedial classes risked disenrollment.


EO 1110 Resolution for Supported Instruction

·        All Frosh enter general education classes in both mathematics and writing.

·        Students who need additional instruction enroll in supplemental workshops or classes.


Completed Writing and Math Requirements in First Year

Writing (A2)

Fall 2018 – 91%

Fall 2017 – 72%

Math/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)

Fall 2018 – 82%

Fall 2017 – 54%


Progress to Degree

These results are a direct measure of student success and will help us meet our Graduation Initiative 2025 goals.

EO 1110:

GI 2025: