Curriculum Development

Are you interested in incorporating sustainability into your teaching curriculum?

Please see the following resources.

Recording of Sustainability Curriculum Development Workshop

In February 2021, the first Sustainability Curriculum Development Workshop was held to share resources, best practices and examples on how to incorporate sustainability into existing courses. Click here to see the recording! 


UC-CSU NXTerra is a resource for college teachers from across all disciplines and anyone seeking to enhance their teaching and learning about the climate crisis, critical sustainability, and climate justice studies, both inside and outside the classroom.

"As part of the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative and the sustainability efforts of the California State University system — our mission at NXTerra is to enable and scale up climate change education in California and across the world to reflect the rising urgency of the climate crisis."

Adaptable Workshops

These workshops were created as templates for a module to incorporate a sustainability topic in existing courses. We can help you modify and adapt it to your course.

1.Waste Management [pdf] 

2.Energy Efficiency [pdf] 

3.Water Management [pdf]


Our 2 pagers are informational spreads on SJSU's initiatives towards a sustainable campus. 

Find the 2 pager on Waste here. [pdf]

Find the 2 pager on Academics here. [pdf]

Find the 2 pager on LEED Buildings here [pdf].

Find the 2 pager on Water here.

Find the 2 pager on Energy/Greenhouse Gas Emissions here.

Tagging Sustainability Courses

To learn how to tag your course as a sustainability focused or related course in Curriculog, visit

Project Support

If you are interested in our office's guidance for a campus sustainability project, complete the Sustainability Project Support form here.

If you are interested in applying for funding for a campus sustainability project, complete the Student Sustainability Project Funding Form here.