Get Engaged


Chesar Chavez Garden

The garden is located at 372 E. San Salvador Street (across from the Dining Commons)

Volunteer at the garden

You can volunteer at the garden on Mondays 1:15pm-3:15pm, Tuesdays 9am-11am, and Fridays 10am-12pm. Volunteers are welcome on a first come first serve basis.

Students can register at

We encourage students to bring a water bottle and a grocery bag or container to help transport harvest from the garden.


Climate Reality Campus Corps

Join the SJSU Climate Reality Campus Corps, a community where you can collaborate with fellow sustainably focused SJSU students. The Campus Corps program offers a chance to make a difference in climate reality, starting in the college dormitories, classrooms, and campus quads.

Contact for more info!


Ideas to Live More Sustainably!

  • When you shop
    • B4 U buy, look for products that you can Reuse, Repurpose or recycle
    • Bring reusable bags when shopping.  Avoid plastic!
    • Buy fair trade products (means sustainably produced), look for label
    • Buy sustainable clothing
    • Don’t buy more than you really need
  • Use more
    • clean, renewable energy (visit SJCE)
    • public transportation
    • eco-friendly cleaning products – 7th Generation
    • washable rags vs paper towels
  • Be more efficient
    • Save energy – turn off lights, use smart power strips
    • Save water – lo-flow toilets & shower heads, shorter showers, fill dishwasher, etc.
    • Save food – bring reusable containers for left-overs
    • Get a clean energy audit in your home or apartment; free!
    • Change light bulbs to LED
    • Go paperless – email receipts, statements, checks, publications
  • Transportation
    • Drive less, carpool
    • If you must drive, Electric car or hybrid
    • Walk, skateboard, scooter
    • Minimize air travel 
  • Lifestyle
    • Eat less red meat
    • Switch to reusable water bottles
    • Eliminate single use plastics
    • Compost food and yard waste
    • Turn off power to things that always draw power, like TV, computers, printers, etc.  Use power strips
    • Recycle, recycle, recycle