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SJSU hosts International Conference on Entrepreneurship at IIM Bangalore, India

San Jose State University, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), India, hosted an international conference on transnational entrepreneurs in emerging economies at IIM Bangalore, May 20-22, 2015.  The conference attracted 140 participants, mostly academics, but also entrepreneurs and policy makers from India as well as the US, UK, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Altogether, 68 papers were presented at the conference across its two main themes: transnational entrepreneurship and internationalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The conference, titled ‘Transnational Entrepreneurs and International SMEs in Emerging Economies: Drivers and Strategies’, was organized as part of a collaborative research project on Transnational Entrepreneurs of Indian origin in the UK. The study explored the role of social networks in the founding of transnational ventures in the UK and India. The UK’s Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship and the Economic and Social Research Council-Research And Knowledge ExchangeFund funded the research. Dr. Sarika Pruthi, School of Global Innovation & Leadership (SGIL) and the Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship (SVCE), Lucas College & Graduate School of Business at SJSU, led the project in partnership with Professors Mike Wright, Imperial College, London, UK and Mathew Manimala, IIMB, India.


The conference, co-chaired by Professor Pruthi, disseminated findings of the collaborative research study, and stimulated a dialogue on internationalizing small firms and entrepreneurs in emerging economies. Professor Anuradha Basu, SGIL, and Director, SVCE, also represented SJSU at the conference, and gave a keynote address on Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and its implications for transnational entrepreneurs in emerging economies

In addition to the paper presentations, the conference hosted two panel discussions with representatives from the British Council, UK-India Business Council, and the Chamber of Commerce in Bangalore, as well as immigrant and returnee entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in India. The panelists shared their perspectives and experience with regard to the role of the local institutional environment for fostering returnee and transnational entrepreneurship in India.    

Professor Pruthi gave two presentations at the conference. Her keynote speech, titled ‘Indian Transnational and Returnee Entrepreneurs: Social Ties and Venture Creation’, highlighted the role of the institutional context that returnee and transnational entrepreneurs confront in developed and developing economies, and hence the significance of their social networks in founding and growing their ventures. Professor Pruthi’s second presentation, titled ‘Social Ties, Social Capital, and Managing Transnational Ventures in the Home Country’ was part of the competitive paper presentations track.

Professor Basu spoke on the role of the Silicon Valley as an engine for economic growth and innovation. Using extensive examples of successful entrepreneurs, and start-ups born in the Silicon Valley, Professor Basu illustrated the unique role of demand and supply-side factors in encouraging the development of entrepreneurship. She also pointed to the contribution of academic institutions, including SJSU, in promoting the formation and growth of the Silicon Valley cluster. Both Professor Pruthi’s and Professor Basu’s talks were very well received by the audience.

All full papers presented at the conference are being double-blind reviewed by peer experts for publication in a special issue of South Asian Journal of Management (SAJM), edited by Professor Manimala. An edited volume of selected papers from the conference is also expected to follow.

 Anu Basu
Dr. Anu Basu

Dr. Sarika Pruthi

Dr. Sarika Pruthi

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