2010 High Tech Tax Institute

International High Technology U.S. Tax Current Developments

Jim Fuller

IRS Examination Practices and Strategies  +  IRS publication

Michael J. Bernard

Patricia Chaback

Barbara Leonard

Thomas Wilson

Successful Tax Practice in China and India -  China1  China2   India

Ajay Agarwal

Jon Eichelberger

Lili Zhang

Getting Proper Research Credit

Mark Andrus

Jeffery Jones

Roger Kave

International and Multistate Concepts - Similarities, Differences and Traps

Bart Bassett

Kim Reeder

Economic Substance

Karen Gilbreath Sowell

Eric Solomon

Accounting for Income Taxes and Its Challenges

Scott Jaconetty

Glen Kohl

Tony Rebelo

Jeff Sokol

Rusty Thomas

Uncertain Tax Positions - Tax Returns and Financial Statements

Patricia Chaback

Larry Langdon

Heather Maloy

Michael Reichert

Neil Traubenberg

Cross Border Issues

David Bowen

Steven A. Musher

Ron Schrotenboer

Cloud Computing Primer

Rocky Cummings

Paul Sallomi

Brett Weaver

M&A Hot Topics

Danni Dunn

Ivan Humphreys

Kirt Switzer

Federal Domestic and State Tax Updates  +  Domestic  +  Small Business Jobs Act summary

Tony Fuller

Annette Nellen