2013 Tax Policy Conference

Conference Materials (pdf)
Conference Bios (pdf)

Welcome   8:30 am
   Murray Dean, Intel, President of Santa Clara Valley TEI Chapter
   Annette Nellen, SJSU, Director of the High Tech Tax Institute

Setting the Stage 
Theories and Aspects of Multijurisdicational Income  
    Annette Nellen, Professor, San Jose State University

 Taxation of International Income – Theories, Actions and Trends  

   Holly Glenn, Principal Economist, Baker McKenzie
   Susan C. Morse, Associate Professor, UC Hastings College of the Law
   Eric D. Ryan, Partner, DLP Piper
   Stephen P. Sedler, Senior Vice President of Taxes and International Trade
   Administration, Seagate   Technology - moderator

Lunch - provided

Economic Report – Global, US and California Data and Trends  
   Dr. Jon Haveman, Chief Economist, Bay Area Council Economic Institute

State Taxation of Multijurisdictional Income – History, Actions and the Role of Congress  

   Greg Turner, Senior Tax Counsel, Council on State Taxation (COST)

Break - Celebration of 100th Anniversary of the 16th Amendment    

State Taxation of Multistate Income – Theories, Actions and Trends  
    Dean Andal, Director, PwC - moderator 
    Dr. Justin Garosi, California Legislative Analyst's Office
    Dr. LeAnn Luna, Associate Professor, The University of Tennessee
    J. Pat Powers, Partner, Baker McKenzie

How Should Multijurisdictional Income Be Taxed? - Review of the Day and Looking Forward
   Dan Kostenbauder, VP Tax Policy, Hewlett Packard Company
   Kim Reeder, Partner, Reeder Wilson

  + Opportunity for comments from attendees