We offer both Multiple Subject Credential Programs (MSCP) and Single Subject Credential Programs (SSCP).

MSCP for Elementary Education

Inside the Advisement Guide you will find information about our Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSCP), including details about the application process and a list of the required courses and contact numbers.  For your information, we offer the following MSCP models:

Begin your application process by attending a MSCP Applicant Information Session.

LACES Program is currently on hold --expected to reurn for Fall 2021

For those of you with a valid teaching credential, we offer a MA in Education that focuses on literacy across the curriculum for an equitable society (LACES).  The LACES program will help you earn both a Reading Certificate (as an added authorization) and a Reading/Language Arts credential. 

SSCP for Secondary Education

The Single Subject Credential program is a community of professors, supervisors and teachers making important contributions to middle and high school education in California.  As a member of the Connie L. Lurie College of Education, we are dedicated to fostering equity and excellence in our community and beyond.  It is our goal to prepare educators who can work effectively and sensitively in the vibrant multicultural, multilingual, and technologically complex environment of California's secondary schools.

Our candidates bring a wide array of life experiences to school, which contributes to a rich  and intellectually stimulating learning environment.  Many of our candidates come from the communities we serve and most are committed to a career of service in teaching and administration.  We hope that all of our candidates become thoughtful and reflective teachers who seize every opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions they need to make a difference in the lives of their students.

New Opportunities for Single Subject Credential Program!
Master's in Teaching (MAT):

  • Single Subject Candidates can now earn a Master's in Teaching (MAT)  as part of their Credential Program. (Candidates still apply to the Credential Program first). Single Subject Candidates can still complete their credential along with the MAT within three full time semesters. (The MAT and optional Credential-only Pathways are the same length). 
  • Bilingual Authorization: 
    Bilingual Single Subject Candidates who wish to be able to teach in their Subject Area through the language of Spanish can also apply to earn a Bilingual Authorization (Spanish) during their Single Subject Credential Program. Learn more about the Critical Bilingual Authorization Program here.

Other Concurrent Program Options:

  • Master's in Science Education: 
    Science Candidates are encouraged to seek information about a Master's in Science Education--provided concurrently through the Science Education Department--Science Candidates still apply to the Credential Program (rather than Masters/Graduate Program). See Science Education for more details.

Begin your application process by attending a SSCP Applicant Information Session.