Undergraduate Program- Minor


The minor in Education is available to students who are interested in education from a variety of perspectives. Students in a degree program who may want to work with children in capacities inside or outside the classroom may be interested in this minor. For example, students interested in the following career paths could benefit from this course of study: becoming a teacher, working in the non-profit sector (e.g., educational foundations) or in any type of child advocacy work such as law or social work; or anyone working in a diverse environment where understanding how individuals learn and process information could benefit. Successful completion of the minor will enable students to earn 12 credits toward their multiple subject teaching credential.

Course Requirements

EDEL 102 (3 Units): Psychological Foundations of Education 
EDEL 103* (3 Units): Socio-Multicultural Foundations of Education 
EDTE 162* (3 Units): Language/Literacy Development of Second Language Learners 
EDTE 190 (3 Units): Health Education for Classroom Teachers

Total Units : 12

*Service learning will be incorporated into EDTE 162 and the EDEL 103 when conditions propiciate it.


Students interested in the minor must request an advisement appointment with the ELEM Admission Coordinator. To schedule an appointment, contact the Teacher Education Department at 408-924-3771.

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