One-Year Multiple Subject Credential/Master of Arts Program

One-Year/3-semester Multiple Subject Credential Program

The Department of Elementary Education offers a 1-year (summer start) and 3-semester Multiple Subject Credential (MSC) program. This program prepares students to obtain their preliminary credential to teach in K-8 schools, learn to engage in social justice practices, contribute to the development of cultural literacy, provide education that promotes democracy, and develop content knowledge expertise to teach in urban and suburban schools. All the program courses will prepare students to provide instruction for English Learners and students with special needs. They will also learn to set up a supportive classroom environment based on social emotional learning principles and will experience collaborative coteaching experiences with successful mentor/cooperating teachers in the field.

One year (3 semester) option:


One & one half years (3 semester) option:

Fall/Spring/Fall OR Spring/Fall/Spring


EDEL 108A Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts
EDEL 108B Curriculum: Science
EDEL 108C Curriculum: Social Studies
EDEL 108D Curriculum: Mathematics
EDEL 143A  Field Practicum: Phase I (Basic Student Teaching)
EDEL 143B  Field Practicum: Phase II (Advanced Student Teaching)
EDEL 294 Research and Practices in Health and Special Education for the Classroom Teacher
EDTE 208 Sociology of Education
EDTE 224 Seminar in Educational Psychology
EDTE 260 Critical Perspectives on Schooling for a Pluralist Democracy (Classroom Management)
EDTE 262 Classroom Issues in Language/Literacy Development of L2 Learners
EDTE 250 Research Methods
EDTE 298 MA Project


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