Flexible Program

Single Subject Credential "Flexible/Traditional" Program


Priority Deadline

  • Applicants who submit all Application Requirements to the Teacher Education Department by the Priority Deadline can be considered for admission in time to register for classes during the advanced registration period. This includes applying to and submitting official transcripts to Graduate Admissions by the Priority Deadline.
  • This guarantees the greatest flexibility in program planning and class scheduling. In addition, applicants who meet the Priority Deadline are eligible to be considered for the Yearlong Residency Program option which begins in the Summer.
  • NOTE: Do NOT rely on the deadline on the Graduate Admissions website as our deadline is earlier.

Extended Deadline

  • By missing the priority deadline, you will not be guaranteed a class schedule of your choosing, and may have to complete a part-time load in your first semester.  You are advised to submit your application requirements as soon as possible as Program Plans and class scheduling are subject to availability and assigned on a first come first served basis.



Most students in our program sign up for the Flexible Program Option. As the name implies, this course of study emphasizes flexibility in course sequence, scheduling and unit load.  For example, students may choose to focus student teaching at one school in a yearlong experience, or divide their student teaching at a different schools for each of the two semesters, for variety in school setting or grade levels (i.e., middle- and high school.)  

Full-Time Study

The majority of students who choose the Flexible Program Option enroll  full-time (12-14 units per semester) and complete the program in three semesters (18 months).   Students have the option of switching to part-time study if the need arises.  However, all students must complete a full-time semester in their final semester of student teaching.

Part-Time Study

Some students cannot commit to full-time study.  To accommodate their schedules, we offer a two-year Part-Time Flexible Program which begins with one year of part-time study (6 units each semester,) and transitions to a second year of full-time study (12-14 units each semester) to complete Phase I and II  Student Teaching.  Students have the option of prolonging their part-time study (for an additional year) or switching to full-time study sooner if the need arises.  However, all students must complete a full-time semester in their final semester of student teaching

Program Benefits

  • Full-time or part-time study
  • Daytime and evening classes 
  • Flexible program plans
  • Cohort classes
  • Experienced mentor teachers and university supervisors
  • Option to student teach in a single yearlong placement or across two different settings


The Full-time and Part-time Flexible program option is open to all students in our program.

Learn More

Learn more about program option at the Applicant Information Sessions.


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