Yearlong Residency Program

Single Subject Credential Yearlong Residency Program



The Yearlong Residency Program is an accelerated course of study that centers on a yearlong student teaching placement at a single school site.  

Students accepted for summer admission begin the program with summer coursework (June-August) that prepares them for their placement.  When the school year begins in August, they start their placement and continue working with the same mentor teacher(s) and students through the end of the school year in June.  

Students take a full-time load of courses in fall and spring semesters, which accompany and help contextualize the fieldwork experience.  This option is open to students admitted for summer semester and requires a 13 month June-June commitment.  Enrollment is limited and students are selected through an additional interview process.

Program Benefits

  • Develop a yearlong relationship with students
  • Work with the same mentor teacher for the year
  • Experience the entire curriculum in the placement classroom
  • Finish in 13 months


Applicants interested in the Yearlong Residency Program must interview to be selected and must be available to take classes in the summer.  Because this is an intensive and accelerated program option, we generally look for candidates who have had previous experiences working with youth, particularly in educational settings.

How to Apply

  1. Complete all of Single Subject Credential Program's Application Requirements and apply to and submit official/sealed transcripts to Graduate Admissions.*
    • Indicate interest in the Yearlong Residency Program on the Single Subject Credential Program Application Form [pdf] by checking off the "Yes" box after the question "Are you an applicant for the Yearlong Residency Program?"
    • Include a cover letter (one page, single spaced) outlining teaching and related experiences/skills you believe make you a good candidate for the Yearlong Residency Program.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not adhere to deadlines on the Graduate Admissions website, adhere to our summer deadline on the Deadlines page of our department website - our deadline is earlier.
  4. If you apply for the Summer Yearlong Residency Program (YRP), but do not get accepted to that program and wish to apply for the Fall, you will then need to apply again to Graduate Admissions for the Fall semester (and pay the application fee again).
  5. Meet with your Subject Area Adviser to establish subject matter competency, have an interview and take the on-demand writing assessment.
    • You may need to take additional courses or the CSET.  
    • Note: You must be Subject Matter Competent in order to be considered for this program.
  6. There is an interview process for acceptance into the Yearlong Residency Program.
    • Interviews will be scheduled as applications are received.


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