Teacher Education Program Advising 

If you're currently in the Multiple Subject Credential and/or MA Program or the Single Subject Credential Program and have questions about the program or your program plan, please don't hesitate to contact the Teacher Education Department office.  Feel free to call (408-924-3771) or visit our office (Sweeney Hall 305) during our scheduled office hours to ask a question.

 Program Plan

When you are admitted to the program, you will meet with an adviser to set up your program plan.  The program plan document is a course of study which includes the scheduled semesters for each of your courses and field experiences. 

Changes in the program plan can be made only with the approval of your Program Adviser.

Each semester, permission to enroll in classes is determined by your program plan. Please refer to your program plan before enrolling in classes for the upcoming semester to ensure that nothing is being overlooked.  If you have questions, feel free to set up an advising appointment.

 Transfer Coursework

Program policy requires that all coursework be taken at SJSU.  Exceptions may be made for coursework from another California accredited teacher education program if it was taken before a candidates entry into our program.  Please follow these directions for requesting course equivalency (PDF)

 Taking a Leave of Absence

According to university policy, newly enrolled students must attend for one semester before they are eligible for this semester leave. After that first semester, you can take a one-semester leave of absence with the permission of the department. Please set up an advising appointment to meet with an adviser to discuss the necessary changes to your program plan.

Requesting a two-semester leave of absence requires additional approval from the Office of Graduate Studies. Please read the University Policy section on "Leave of Absence and Withdrawal" and contact Teacher Education to set up an advisement appointment.

 Registration Hold

If your registration is put on hold due to your academic standing, please contact the Teacher Education office to set up an advising appointment.